Ganesha the Elephant

Does anyone else ever get inspired by a yoga class or teacher? That happened to me at my class on Thursday night. Though it was not a zen yoga class, but actually very energy filled and active, the teacher really was able to clear the mind before and after class. I felt more relaxed than I ever have in a yoga class before.

old picture but still fun! CUSA XC championships 2012
old picture but still fun! CUSA XC championships 2012

As we started class, the lights were off and she walked around asking us to make our intention for class. She mentioned that around this time, midway through January, it is very common for people to be beating themselves up about their failed New Years Resolutions- to lose 10 pounds, to look better for someone or themselves, to eat 100 percent clean and go to bed at the exact same time every day. Lets face it we all try to do these things from time to time, they are an ultimate goal one could say. But the reality is it is something everyone will fail at because being perfect one hundred percent of the time is not realistic.

I believe we should aim for these perfection goals, just so that we try our very hardest to be the best each of us can be, BUT know that you will fail and when you do you will still be better than you were yesterday. Maybe you caved and had a piece of chocolate after dinner but then you made it to bed 15 minutes earlier than usual. Isn’t that still a win? We need to stop beating our selves up over what we see as failure and start appreciating where we succeed. We are not robots, we do not have switches we can turn on and off, we were given free will and the ability to choose. As resolutions fall wayside remember that even if you only succeeded at half of your goals that you are still better than you were yesterday. You are still working on your will power and still trying to be better and in my eyes that is no failure at all but just a step in the right direction. It is okay to fail but never give up, never tell yourself you cannot do something, because you are always worth your best effort.


I bought an elephant tank while I was there that I had wanted for awhile. I believe it is a great daily reminder. On the back the shirt says:

“Ganesha the elephant is your protector.
He is here to push past any obstacles that stand between you and your hearts desire.
With him all lights are green, the sky is clear and your time is now.
This powerful symbol of your personal movement forward also remind us that you do not face your journey unaccompanied.
True, he has been known to throw something challenging in your way if you drift off course, but mostly he is there to clear the brush.
You do not need to travel through life alone.
Just take your elephant.”

I think this is a really strong message and I believe in it with all my heart, body, mind and soul. Do not feel like you are ever alone, in anything, in your striving to meet resolutions, in work, play, or anything. Trying to be better is not easy but it will make you a better person even if you fall along the way, you grow stronger every time you are challenged and you stand back up from failure instead of letting that failure defeat you.

Change happens when you challenge yourself over and over again, if it is easy then you aren’t making your challenge hard enough. Trust the journey, it will be an amazing ride.

No questions today but I would love to hear anyones’ thoughts? Not everything has to be hard but if you never step outside of your comfort zone you will miss out on a lot of great things you could experience and become.


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