Meal Plan #8

Goodmorning, afternoon? night? Whatever time you are reading this at! Hope you are enjoying your long weekend and happy not to have to get up for work or school tomorrow!

I am having a pretty relaxing morning today. Got caught up on some stuff last night. We decided to save the box we shipped home from school to refill with stuff I do not need until I move out so I will store it at a friends’ house until then. That being said i finally finished emptying the box Friday night and spent last night filling it back up with my stuff. I need the space it is taking up (it is a massive box) to put my indoor bike when I get it in a few weeks. It is going into my moms old office in the basement near my room. She moved her office upstairs to an extra room because it gets bloody cold in the basement in the winter, which is actually perfect for a spinning bike!

So on the agenda for today  is wake up, drink coffee (always) and eat something, make the 9:30 indoor cycle class (think about my own teaching style), stretch and do some core work, head home and shower, eat a snack and clean up kitchen from the morning, check email/blog etc, head to lunch with Shane at Paladar! After lunch we are planning to go ice skating if the rink is open and then I will be making us something for dinner back at home. Noodles, sautéed kale, sweet potatoes, avocado, and fish for me/chicken for Shane. Lastly a movie night! Wooo. Pretty good plans if you ask me.

Now onto the food for this week coming up! We had some random grocery shopping and not real stock up for the week so we are gonna work with what we have. Last week we ended up switching a bunch of stuff around too.


Breakfasts: (a combination of all usually)
fruit bowls with lots of toppings
whole fruit
nut butter and plantains

Brunch/lunch at Paladar today! (Sunday)
Restaurant Week lunch in DC Thursday
eggs and veggies
leftovers from dinner the nights before

trail mix and chocolate espresso beans
snack balls- already made and in fridge
protein donuts (first donut recipe tomorrow!)


Stuffed Sweet potatoes (didn’t make them last week)
Salmon/Tuna and a salad with toppings (2 nights)
pesto tofu with spinach bites, avocado and sweet potato
Leftovers/whatever we have or out to eat

So I admit that is a pretty boring meal plan :/ We have a lot of random foods to eat up(and did some late week shopping last week) like:

Produce: 3 containers of lettuce, 3 big peppers, zucchini, broccoli, potatoes
Fruit: plantains, bananas, berries, oranges, avoados, tomates
Fish: ( frozen):Shrimp, tuna, cod, salmon
Dairy: tons of greek yogurt, almond milk yogurt, kefir, almond milk/cashew milk, cows milk
Grains: Fresh bread and noodles

Plus all sorta of other stuff like grains, cereal, oats, beans, cereal… the list could go on and on! So we are good for the week just no exciting recipes. The two lunches out should both be good meals though 🙂 We like to try and make restaurant week at least once each time and this one corresponded with my next foot doctor appointment in DC. Can’t wait!

Hope you have a great Sunday! Come back tomorrow for my first donut recipe!

I am linking up with Laura and Jill again this week!


6 thoughts on “Meal Plan #8

  1. Protein donuts sound amazing! I think the meal plan sounds great, using up what you have is so important so we don’t create a lot of waste, plus you are saving money in the end! 😉 Have a great week!


    1. they are so good! I agree with the less waste /less money, it may get a little boring but that’s why we all buy canned/dry/frozen goods anyways isn’t it? to eat when we are running low on other things or to bulk up fresh items


    1. I love them too! For breakfast i add nut butter/coconut butter some plain greek yogurt flavored with protein powder and granola and then when I eat “stuffed” sweet potatoes for dinner I usually make them mexican like I add black beans, roasted peppers, plain greek yogurt (instead of sour cream), salsa, cajun spice, avocado or guacamole, and a black bean veggie burger or any other spicy/mexican flavor crumbled up and put it all on top of some wilted spinach or kale!


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