Thinking Out Loud #22

Hello, Hello. Having a good week so far? I hope so! I am here today, Thursday, to link up with Amanda for some thinking out loud! So I hope you enjoy random thoughts!


  • I have been filling this massive box for the last week to store. It has such random stuff in it and I want to completely fill it but also don’t want to pull out all the stuff I have already put away :/ dilemma! I wish i had thought to fill the box sooner! It has a coffee machine, all my mardi gras beads/costumes, a clock, travel mugs, towels, pictures, a light, tupperware… basically random s**t that I don’t want to throw away but have lots of extras of right now at home.IMG_3859
  • Someone needs to have a plantain intervention with me! I buy the 3 lb bags at Sam’s Club weekly and finish it before the end of the week! They are just so yummy cooked up in the oven or a pan and dipped into nut butter! IMG_3855
  • I should be getting roof racks on my car on FRIDAY! Wooooo. My dad has been saying we will take my car in blah blah blah (my birthday and christmas present so Nov/Dec) and I called him Monday to be like ‘hey, lets switch cars, you figure out what I need and order it and then I can take it in o get installed.’ Well even better, he went to the shop, talked to them about my car, they ordered the stuff, and we are switching cars Friday and they will install them while my dad is at work! Perfect! I wanted to get it done sooner rather than later because I will have to get a special paddle board rack in addition to just the roof rack basics and we are trying to plan a spring break trip to the beach so I want to take my paddle board!
  • I might be going to Chicago at the end of February. It will be COLD! My dad does a big conference there, Chicago Dental, and asked if I wanted to help him out. He would pay me and he gets a hotel room as part of the contract but he stays at his girlfriends house so I could stay in his hotel room. He mentioned it on Monday and then sent me flights/dates today so I think I am going to do it. I like Chicago a lot, maybe not the cold, but it is a pretty sweet city.
  • Any one else hate electronics and chargers sometimes? Yesterday was not my lucky day with them. I updated my iPad (like a year late, ops) and then plugged it in to charge in a wall charger, said it was charging, then in the morning I went to unplug it and it was at 25%!! The night before it was at 79% when I left it :/ that things charges so slowly too! Also turned on my desktop for the first time since the summer and turns out my wireless mouse isn’t working, I tried to unplug it/re plug it and pushed the connect button a ton but nothing worked. So now I have my super short apple mouse plugged in.
  • I made zucchini bread on Sunday! It turned out great! I made 4 mini loaves for Shane and his roommate and 4 for me/my mom. I made mine espresso zucchini bread and Shane’s  is regular. My mom ate a mini loaf before me when she got home Monday afternoon. I was jealous but then I ate two over the next day and a half.
  • I love the samples form grocery stores. (confession?) I went to Fresh Market last night and had 6, yes SIX, pound cake samples. In my defense it was after the gym, they were in multiple spots in the store, and it was 6:30 pm so I really hope they don’t save the samples over night and in that case I was just making sure they did not go to waste because they had a ton of them! I did buy some mocha fudge pound cake too so they won me over with the samples. (and I was hungry post gym) They also had larger coffee sample cups… probably not the best idea at 6:30 pm… but I love coffee and they had my favorite out- caramel macchiato coffee! IMG_3864

So how is that for some random thoughts/updates on me?? It works, right? Hope you enjoyed! Today I am off to DC for another foot doctor appointment! It really isn’t that far (40 min by car) but during the work week having to take the metro makes it a 75 minute trip each way! Not the best!

Anyone else love grocery store samples? // I really think coffee ‘samples’ are the best!


4 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #22

  1. I don’t blame ya with the plantain binging haha, they are so good! I haven’t had any in so long you make me want to change that! And gosh don’t get me started about store samples! One of the local whole foods has a sampling day on Saturday’s and I have to admit when I lived closer I would go just for that reason haha


    1. Plantains are awesome once I saw SAMs club sold them in 3 lb bags (like 8 of them) for $6 ish it was all down hill! Love store samples too, I would purposely go to SAMs club and whole foods on sampling event days at school!


  2. I -wish- I could take advantage of grocery store samples! But I have nut allergies so I usually have to avoid all the good desserts and sweets. Le boo. And your plantain obsession sounds like my banana obsession — I can’t buy enough to keep up with my addiction!


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