A Love/Hate Relationship

Hey there, interesting title right? Curious as to what I am referring too? Don’t we all have MANY love/hate relationships? They can be so great but also not so great. I decided to tell y’all about this love/hate relationship today instead of the usual Friday favorites. Today I am talking about The Fresh Market. Yes, a grocery store. I have proclaimed how much I love it and their foods before. The sushi is my favorite grocery store sushi (maybe tied with Wegmans) but really I have just started to notice how not so great this store is FOR ME. Why? Because when I go by myself/spending my own money I don’t go there to buy fresh fruit/veggies/proteins… the reason I got is to buy CANDY and BAKED GOODS. Yes, only reason. Maybe occasionally at school I ended up with some kabocha or plantains because other stores didn’t have them at the time but usually it was bulk bin candy and trail mix. Yupp, I said it. I go to Fresh Market to only buy JUNK.

exhibit A
exhibit A

Now, I went last week to buy groceries but I was spending my moms money and was going specifically for a Thursday meal deal for $20 and then bought some other stuff on sale like yogurt and plantains. But never a full stock up trip because that store isn’t cheap. It would be treat to buy stuff there but during school I was going weekly to buy nothing I needed, nothing that nourished my body, or filled me up. It was after dinner snacks of candy. That is why it is a love/hate relationship. Yes, I love the store, I love candy/chocolate/trail mix – they really do have the best ones. But it is also a hate relationship because it is not cheap and it is not good for you. So what am I going to do about it? I am going to start limiting myself to only buying these treats when my mom wants to go for something there for dinner or a sale. Probably once a month. Also, limit myself to 1/2 bag of whatever I choose because buying a $12-15 bag that lasts 2-3 days is ridiculous. That is over a pound of junk in a very short amount of time. I should know this by now but once I start eating that addicting sugar stuff I can’t stop! I eat it until I have a stomach ache! … not good. So if I buy less I won’t over eat it as much and have less stomach aches and if I limit myself hopefully I will want to savor it more.

pound cake= yummy but my tummy is not liking it after :(
pound cake= yummy but my tummy is not liking it after 😦
cookies, pound cake AND chocolate trial mix.. plus some more that didn't make the plate
cookies, pound cake AND chocolate trial mix.. plus some more that didn’t make the plate
day two what is left of my chocolate
day two what is left of my chocolate

My family knows me as the sugar junkie and it is true! I have a terrible sweet tooth. I eat very healthy but also eat A LOT of chocolate. I was never a fan of other junk foods like chips, soda, fried foods… just chocolate. So that is my love/hate rant about The Fresh Market. It really does have the world’s BEST trail mix selection but just be aware that it may draw you in and get you buying $15 worth of trail mix every week or every other week and giving you a stomach ache because it is so good you can’t stop eating! Not something I can afford right now, at least not as often as I used to go! Treats are meant to be just that, a treat not a daily/weekly occurrence or a habit. I like my froyo and have managed to get those serving sizes more in control! So Fresh Market chocolate/trail mix/baked goods…this isn’t good buy just see you later and not as much. Note: I had a major realization of how much this stuff affects me is because i majorly cut back on sweets/sugar after finals and once I started consuming them again my stomach aches got REALLY bad and frequent and my UC started to come back. I see my doctor next week and will talk with her about this. I do not believe my digestion is ready for so much inflammatory/irritating foods and working on that is my number one concern right now. I graduated early so that I could have more time/cut out stress sooner and really work to fix all the damage my digestion has taken over the last two years. I hope everyone liked my honesty about my weakness and can relate in some ways. We are all human, no one is perfect and each have to have a fault or weakness, right? I love sweets, I have no mental/restrictive problems with wanting to cut out sugar or limit myself, I have just noticed a major trend and binging because its so good and damaging my digestion is not healthy. I think most people have that weakness item/food that takes away all self control and those trail mixes are definitely mine! Now that I have admitted it, it is time to take control of them! (and take control of my health because I felt so much better eating less sugar/processed junk) Anyone else love those bulk bins? //eat ALL the trail mix they buy in 1-2 sitting when intending it to last a week??


2 thoughts on “A Love/Hate Relationship

  1. I can completely relate to this! I didn’t do this every week but I would go to whole foods and buy sweetened banana chips and sometimes some other things to make a trail mix and I would literally eat half the bag of banana chips on my way back to school! It was expensive and just caused me to not want to eat dinner, full of lean protein and veggies that were good for me! So cudos to you for cutting them out! I did too and not only do you save so much money but you really do start eating way more nutritious foods!


    1. it is so bad! I would eat it after dinner usually but eat too much so that my stomach hurt so badly and I would have trouble falling asleep :/ WAY too expensive too, I noticed at school I was spending $10-12/ week on complete junk which would be like $350 over the course of a semester wasted! I have piles of snacks too! I have bars/regular blue diamond almonds/plantain chips etc to last me months and those are better for you than my favorite chocolate crunch mix from FM (chocolate covered nuts, chex and pretzels)


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