Meal Plan for the Week #9

Hey there! Having a good weekend? I am. Weather isn’t heat, rain/sleet = not fun, but otherwise it has been good!

On Saturday morning I went to yoga at Lululemon, went to a store closing sale at Lucy and got some cute stuff with my mom, traded back cars with my dad, and then later in the day had dinner at Maggiano’s and saw American Sniper with him too. He had my car because he dropped his at Toyota to get some work done on it Friday and then took mine up to his work and left it next door at the car place to have roof racks put on top! Now I can transport my paddle board! That is what I asked for for my birthday/Christmas this year, very practical but necessary!

I did all the grocery shopping on Friday since I had a busy Saturday all planned. After I picked his car up at Toyota I went to both Sam’s Club and Trader Joe’s, while my mom finished up work at home. We also went to Wegman’s Thurday night and got a ton of stuff too! So this is what is on the agenda for the week.


Breakfasts: fruit bowls with toppings, smoothies (pumpkin/banana or berry/banana), greek yogurt with fruit/granola plus plantains and nut butter/trail mix (eaten every morning basically)

Lunches: eggs with veggies, leftovers, chipotle on 1/26 for sofritas (then free burrito with receipt!)

Snacks: popcorn, trail mix, carrots and hummus, protein/snack bars

Salad with fish and extra veggies/leftovers
Vegetable Tagine with poaches eggs and herbs (my mom got this from the WSJ a couple weeks ago and we just picked up all the ingredients to make it!)
Tumeric paleo wrap with spinach, beyond meat, and hummus & extra veggies
Oven baked pesto cod with lemon/ thyme roasted cauliflower ‘steaks’, salad and sweet potatoes
Veggie & Bean Quinoa Bites with a salad

Sam’s Club:

Veggies- Mixed Greens, broccoli, cauliflower, mixed peppers
Fruit- Blueberries (x2), raspberries, blackberries, melon

All for $59-$14 for detergent = $45
All for $59-$14 for detergent = $45

Trader Joes:
Veggies– Parsnips, shallots, carrots, sweet potatoes, kale sprouts, fresh ginger, lemons
Dairy- Plain greek yogurt, honey greek yogurt, cottage cheese
Other– Coconut spray, cashew butter, cashew meal green juice, semi-sweet chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, espresso pillows, thai noodle salad

Produce- butter lettuce, arugula, betts( red, golden), bok choy, brussels sprouts, onion, bananas, cherries, Suja juice, frozen spinach (for lasagna), frozen blueberries
Dariy- Milk, greek yogurt (lemon and some chobani oats), Silk Chocolate Milk (dairy like? but not actually)
Other- hummus (spicy chipotle, lemon Dill), Quaker Oatmeal Squares (cinnamon), Power O’s (chocolate), coffee, trash bags, dark chocolate chips, Gardein Teriyaki strips, kale/edamame dumpling and veggie gyoza from the sushi bar

A lot of food, huh? Not all of it is perishable and we eat a lot of fresh fruits and veggies during the week so we aren’t concerned about anything going bad. We tend to stock up on some items so next week should be lighter and just be more fruits and veggies at Sam’s club and maybe a trip to Safeway or Trader Joe’s again.

Anyone else switch between a bunch of different grocery stores? we go to Sam’s Club, Trader Joes, Wegman’s, Whole Foods, Fresh Market, and Safeway but usually only 2 of those a week/weekend depending on what we need.

Linking up my meal plan for the week with Jill and Laura!


7 thoughts on “Meal Plan for the Week #9

  1. I’ll make a plan for where to shop based off of what we need but it typically involves Superstore for most every day items and Costco for when I need things in bulk. Every once in awhile I’ll need some specialty items from Community Natural Foods or the Asian supermarket. I wish we had Trader Joe’s up here in Canada though!


    1. That’s great! We have a notepad in our kitchen we add things if we run out during the week then on Friday/Saturday make a full list of weekly items we use/what we need to make our planned dinners. It made shopping so much less expensive when Costco/Sam’s Club started carrying fresh grocery items! I love Trader Joe’s I would have my mom send me care packages of items from there when I was at school and there was no Tj’s, hopefully they will expand to Canada!


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