Weekly (planned) Workouts + Injury update

Hey there! Everyone doing alright on this Monday? Those NE people bunkering down for the heck of a snowstorm you are going to get? I was kind of hopping we would get more than we are supposed too but in no way to I want the 20-30 inches NJ/NY/MA etc are predicted to get.

They are calling for 2-4 inches in places here but because the daytime weather isn’t cold enough right now it going to turn to rain all day and snow at night for us… making for GREAT road conditions :/ not, once it hits freezing at night all the roads will get super slick and icy. We have plenty more winter left to get another snow storm though and I bet the NE is already tired of it since they got 6 inches Saturday when we got nothing! (New Orleans has a high of 72 on Wednesday too… )

With that being said anyone in those areas calling for 20-30 inches, stay safe! Don’t do dumb things like try to go somewhere when it is snowing 2-4 inches an hour. Stick to at home bodyweight workouts since I’m guessing most gyms won’t be open tomorrow and maybe not Wednesday. I started pinning for home workouts to my fitness board to do when I don’t want to leave the house! I also picked up a 15 lb kettlebell like this a couple weeks ago to use too! I wouldn’t gotten the 20 lb but it was sold out at the time.

So this is what I have PLANNED for my workouts for the week:

M: Cardio + core work + this KB workout
T: Nothing- GI dr appt past baltimore and babysitting
W: Yoga sculpt (with small weights)
Th: Cardio + 30-35 min Bodypump express- 4 weight songs and the core track
F: Cycle class
Sat: Yoga
Sun: Cardio + weights

Cardio will be whatever I am feeling that day/what is available. I just planned a cycle class Friday because I am babysitting during the day and will go to the gym earlier than I usually do. I stopped trying to wake upself up earlier to make the classes because I have been having a lot of UC problems, which means I am not sleeping well. I am getting up constantly throughout the night, it is hard for me to fall asleep, and my body is tired from fight/dealing with the symptoms. So makes sense to just sleep in if I need it and have energy!

That is my problems with Ulcerative Colitis right now- I am in a flareup again because of the anti-inflammatory the dr put me on for my foot. Not directly linked I guess but because medicines can cause upset stomachs I was having so many bowl movements and not good ones that my GI got extremely irritated and started the UC symptoms. I took the prescription for 2 weeks before I realized that with everyday my UC was getting a lot worse, especially with eating more sugar again, so I stopped taking it the day I had a follow up with my foot dr. Luckily I see my GI doctor tomorrow (Tuesday) too. Next steps for my foot then are PT in a couple weeks. He wanted me to continue my own exercises for a few more weeks before getting really aggressive by going to PT. He also gave me a foot wrap to support it since the taping he did helped so much. It has definitely improved since before I went in to see him so we are heading in the right direction!

That is what is up with me, just taking it day by day and doing what I can! I try not to be too much TMI on here, I think you get the point of UC, it is not fun and even giving all the gory details one who does not have it can’t fully relate/understand.

Anyone else go to yoga sculpt? I just discovered it and LOVE it!


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