Thinking Out Loud #23: Serving Size

Such an interesting thing they are, huh? Serving sizes that is. To think someone in a lab, on a computer, running studies on less than 1% of the total population is telling over SEVEN BILLION people how much they should eat. But guess what, it is not working. Part of the world is severely under nourished and starving, while over here in America more than half of the population is overweight or obese.

Those side panels, which aren’t they supposed to be editing the format of?, well I don’t listen to them. Why? they are so generic! No one in a lab, on a computer, or doing tests on someone else can tell me how much I should eat. They body is such an amazing thing and everyone is different.

Those panels are based off a 2,000 calorie diet and are very rough estimates. Have you ever noticed how many boxes/jars/etc have nutrition panels that don’t match the amount said to be in said container (g for g) or if the weight in g doesn’t match the amount it says you can eat. So which is right?? eh if you ask me I don’t really give an eff because I am going to eat as much as I am hungry for.

Another idea is if you eat food without labeling then the conflict won’t even arise and if your eating natural whole foods straight from the earth you probably won’t be overweight either because it is all those addictive chemicals and sugar in processed foods that make humans addicted and lead to overeating.

Times arise when packaged food is necessary, I won’t deny that, I eat it myself and when I do I don’t adhere to the nutrition panel because maybe I am hungry for more than a serving. Surely 1 cup of cereal is not going to make me full by any means. That panel doesn’t know how many calories I burn in a day and neither do any of those online calculators because if you try out more than one, say 3 or 4 different ones, you will get a different number each time. Those numbers can vary by 300-400 calories! Which in a week can be about a pound gained or lost depending whether it is above or below what you actually burn.

My thoughts: Honor your hunger and not what someone else who you have NEVER met tells you to eat, but when you honor your hunger be aware of what you are eating because that is what really matters.

Some examples of my serving sizes: (all from this week)

Annie’s Bunnies: Actual: About 6 servings  Mine: About 3 (the last serving is small because I ate all the rest)

Blueberries (18 oz): Actual: 3+ (16oz=3) Mine: 2 servings

Oatmeal Squares: Actual: 7 servings  Mine: 4 servings

Rawtella: Actual: 6 servings  Mine: 3-4 servings

Nut Butter: Actual: 14-16 servings  Mine: 10ish servings

I could go on and on and I bet you know exactly what I am talking about. I want to say I also eat some things in less than the ‘recommended’ or stated serving sizes too, but that happens more rarely and with odds and ends. Like protein powder for example because I don’t drink plain protein shakes I usually add 1/2 scoop to my overnight oats or smoothies for an extra boost on top of all the other natural ingredients.

I just think our society has created such obsessive habits associated with food, we either allow ourselves to eat anything and everything or we allow ourselves nothing, why did we move away from eating was was available (in season) and until we were content? No labeling needed.

That is just my thoughts for today. I am completely to open to other opinions as well if you have an input?! Other news is in mid-Febuary I am starting a nutrition certification that will run 5 weeks long, all online based. I am super excited to gain more knowledge in this field, since I am not certified in any sort of way in nutrition but am just stating my own personal thoughts and observations in the area.

Linking up with Amanda for THINKING OUT LOUD this week.



10 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #23: Serving Size

  1. I totally agree with you! Especially after a long run I am going to eat whatever I can get my hands on lol. I know I should be better and plan out snacks and meals but I totally agree with honoring your hunger. I’m not going to feel like I’m starving just so I can stick to a serving size.


    1. yes exactly, you eat as much as you want then that dang nutrition panel makes you think oh crap I just ate 4 servings… oh well more vitamins and minerals and protein etc to refuel your muscles after those long runs 🙂


  2. I’m totally with you on this one. It’s gotten to the point where I barely even pay attention to serving sizes anymore and just go by what my body is telling me instead. That and I try to stick to eating a lot of things that don’t even come with packages or serving suggestions… like fruits and veggies 😀


  3. i never actually checked but I never thought the amount they put in the boxes were the amount on the container! It makes me not want to buy them and stick to natural foods that don’t have a serving size, or maybe stick to bulk foods haha! Can’t wait to hear more about your nutrition courses!


    1. It’s very common, when they say “about … Seving” it’s usually more per box so more calories! And the g her 1/2 cup or whatever is usually less than listed! Double trouble 🙂 haha, I can’t wait for my classes to start!


  4. This is seriously one of my favorite posts of your Paige! I completely agree. Serving sizes are SO individual, just like diets in general. Sure there can be general guide lines but I definitely don’t believe in strictly following the suggested servings.


    1. Thank you! But seriously and every single diet calls for X calories, Y grams/amount etc and people weight and measure every morsel they eat, it’s just ridiculous. I get some people need to lose weight but they justify unhealthy foods by serving sizes are calories which are still bad for you! You can be “overweight” and healthy or skinny and unhealthy but either way we were made to have hunger signals to fuel our bodies to our own individual needs


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