Meal Plan for the Week #10

Hello, how is your weekend? Are you preparing for yet another big snow storm?? I wish we were :/ They were originally calling for 8ish inches Sunday/Monday, which to me is the perfect amount for a good snow day but has the city up and running (roads etc) by the afternoon. I know- be careful what you wish for, right? I don’t really want the 2 plus ft some places got especially if they get hammered with more! Anyways now we are only getting rain, it is always too warm on the day the ‘storm’ comes and then the day after it goes back down to the 10s-20s, not fair!

So it is Sunday, that means Superbowl Meal Planning day! Yeah not a huge football fan and not a fan of the two teams playing… so no die hard football watching is happening over here. Hopefully you don’t hold that against me.


Breakfasts: Overnight oats, yogurt and berries, smoothies, Love Grown Chocolate Power O’s, plantain and sweet potato hash with eggs (recipe to come!)

Lunches: leftovers, smoothies, soup, wraps

Snacks: fresh fruit, veggies and hummus, snack balls, sweet potato chips, trail mix

Sweet Potato Nachos (Sunday)
Coconut Butter Salmon and roasted root vegetables
Minestrone soup with veggies and toast
Salad with leftovers (per usual)
Tuna/Pesto Tofu with brussels sprouts and sweet potato

We are not perfect with planning but we usually eat 3 of the meals I say we are going too. Last week we did the Vegetable Tagine and had a ton of leftovers (it used 9 potatoes!) so we ate those until Thursday with salads and <a href=”Paleo Wraps, Gluten Free Turmeric Wraps, 7-Count“>Tumeric wraps. We also baked Cod one night and then another night I made homemade coconut shrimp (baked not fried)!

Unfortunately I have seemed to have pick up a cold during the later half of last week :/ so soup might be on the agenda more often than not. As soon as I started to feel my nose getting stuffy I started drinking more tea, and immunity boosting stuff but the kids I babysat twice last week had runny noses and my mom did for awhile. Not fun, I am dealing with enough sickness right now.

Shopping this week was a lot less than last week; we had a ton of stuff leftover on all fronts so we hit up Sam’s Club and Safeway. We did all our shopping on Saturday afternoon.

SAM’S CLUB: fruit: blueberries (x2), raspberries, naval oranges, cherry tomatoes
other: egg whites, plain greek yogurt (large tub), oxyclean, ICCE sparkling drinks

SAFEWAY: fruit/Veggies: bananas, butternut squash, guacamole, fresh salsa
Dairy(ish): go veggie mozzarella, Silk Cashew milk, individual greek yogurts (variety of flavors)
Other: Canned soup, ketchup, Cinnamon Chex, Fiber one original, Morning Star Farms Grillers Recipe Crumbles
Drinks: Vitamin Water, Kavita sparkling probiotic drinks, Kombucha, Bai 5 Safeway brand sparkling water (we stocked up on drinks for a while!!), + Poweraid

We also picked one some chocolate drizzled kettle corn, Starbucks coffee, and dark chocolate espresso beans, and Barney Butter (honey + Flax and Vanilla Bean + Esrpesso) at home goods 🙂 If you ever want to find some cheaper coffee check out TJ Maxx, Marshalls, or Home Goods! They sell coffee for $4.99-6.99, the starbucks is usually $5.99. Just a little tip!

From our shopping last week we still have: sweet potatoes, hummus, carrots, brussels sprouts, broccoli, 3 peppers, mixed greens and bok choy. So our lack of veggies bought is because we have a ton left over!

I am linking up with Laura and Jill with my Meal Plan!


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