Sweet Potato Plantain Hash

Happy Monday?? Meatless Monday! I have a restaurant hack to share today! I have raved about how much I love the Sweet Potato and Plantain hash at a local restaurant/small chain: Paladar. I don’t know why I did not think of trying to recreate it sooner!


I made this on Sunday for breakfast and thought it was pretty good. The restaurant version is a lot oilier so I actually liked this one more and it is probably better for you. I went the sweet route and used coconut and cashew butter on top of mine 🙂 when I ate some Sunday morning.


Sweet Potato Plantain Hash: (serves 2-4)
– 1 ripe plantain
– 1 sweet potatoes ( I used a japanese sweet potato)
– 2 T coconut oil

for sweet version:
– 1 t cinnamon for sweet
– 1 T coconut butter

for savory version:
– 1 t cajun spice
– 1 T extra coconut oil
– optional: guacamole on top! (very good)

1. Dice plantain and sweet potato. Keep separated
2. Melt 1 T coconut oil over medium heat in large sauté pan and add sweet potato. Saute until halfway cooked, about 8 min, shaking/moving around potatoes so they cook evenly.
3. Add 2nd T coconut oil and then diced plantain. Continue to cook until all is soft. Took me another 10 ish minutes over high heat.
4. Turn off heat, for sweet add cinnamon and coconut butter while still hot and let it melt on top of hash, spread it across all of the hash.
-For savory keep heat on and melt the extra T of coconut oil then turn the heat off and add cajun spice using spatula to evenly spread on all of the hash. (without extra oil the potatoes get a little dry)
5. Transfer to plate or bowl and enjoy!



There are so many ways you can enjoy this. I like mine with eggs on the side for some protein. The Paladar version is really good but who has the money to eat out every weekend and at the same restaurant too??  I am happy I thought of making it myself. I love all the carby foods with every meal 🙂

I hope you try it out, it is a super simple dish to have with any meal of the day!

I am linking up for Meatless Monday with Tina Muir and Confessions of a Mother Runner (Deborah) Today as well as the Real Food Recipe Roundup with Jo-Lynne Shane and Alison Ray.



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