Let’s Chat, TOL: It’s February!

Hello and Good Day, I was not really sure what to title my post today but I just kind of felt like chatting for you all! Can you believe January 2015 is over already??

February will be over in the blink of an eye as well; it always is. Fine by me, once March hits it starts to get warmer out πŸ™‚ Hopefully by then my foot will be feeling better and I can take advantage of the spring weather and run outside, I really miss it (Running and the warmer weather).

I hit up Target earlier this week and spent way too much time browsing the clearance shelves, which are always such a mess! I found lots of great deals though: ginger tea, pumpkin baking chips, Cocoa Coconut Renola, Espresso trail mix, and what I went in for- pretzel crisps and ?? something else I can’t remember now and can’t find the receipt :/

Only spent ~$20 too!
Only spent ~$20 too!

I also ordered a few items from Abe’s Market at the end of last week because I had some reward points to use up. Got some fun stuff. Kolat espresso hazelnut butter, cocoa joe pumpkin seeds, s’mores granola and coconut cashew bars.


I also wanted to tell you about my busy February. I have some more babysitting jobs set up already, mostly on the weekends but more will probably happen last minute. I baby/kid watched 3 times last week and will another 3 times this week. I also went to the eye doctor Tuesday, got a car wash Wednesday, and am getting blood work done today for my GI doctor. My mom and I also went to a hot yoga sculpt class last night. The studio sent out an email saying you could bring a guest for free in February so I brought my mom! She really liked the class!

Then the last week of the month I will be in Chicago helping out my dad with a big show. My sister is going too and we will be staying at the hotel he gets as a part of his contract, while my dad stays at his girlfriends’ apartment.

Right after Chicago I am flying to Orlando, FL to meet up with my mom for the weekend at her business trip. From the very very cold to the warm Florida weather I will have to pack two very different sets of clothes. I am pretty excited for that trip. We are going to Potter World! and the warm weather will be nice! I sorta wish I was going on her business trip this coming weekend, it is to Florida also, because they have Molly Barker as a guest speaker. She is the founder of Girls on the Run and Running Mates USA. Β Pretty cool.

But for the trip I am going on- by the time we get back it will already be the beginning of March! Just about time for Shane’s spring break, which he is trying to plan a trip to Charleston, SC with some friends. Hopefully it all works out so I can take my paddle board πŸ™‚ and use it while there since the water will still be too cold here.

I think that is all my random updates/things to share today. I am linking up with Amanda for this weeks Thinking Out Loud!

Thinking-Out-Loud2Anyone been to Potter World??? or taken a Spring Break trip to Charleston, SC? I haven’t been to Charleston in years!


4 thoughts on “Let’s Chat, TOL: It’s February!

  1. Your February sounds pretty darn awesome! -So- jealous about your trip to FL — I’m getting a little tired of the snow and cold and wouldn’t mind escaping it for a little while myself. I’ve never been to the Universal or Disney in FL, but it’s definitely on my bucket list πŸ™‚


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