Friday (Food) Favorites

Hi everyone! Excited it is friday? I am! I wanted to share some of my food favorites today! Lots of yummy snack ideas for you πŸ™‚ so I hope you like them as much as I do! I also hope you have a great Friday! I am getting a mani/pedi with my mom this afternoon before going to babysit for the night.

Target Trail Mix: I have been eating this for years but the Dark Chocolate EspressoΒ is the best, I always have to talk myself out of buying it because it does not last long! Calls for 9 servings, I add cashews to the mix and it still only lasts me 5-6 days and that is only letting myself have it in the morning because of the espresso beans. πŸ™‚ so yummy. Good thing it isn’t as expensive as Fresh Market trail mix or else I would need another intervention!


Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans: yeah kinda the same as above except I buy extra espresso beans too and add more to the mix. I just find there isn’t enough of them in the mix for my liking. I have been eating these for months they are awesome. A little chocolate and caffeine/coffee beans before a workout? sounds perfect to me. I usually grab a handful of these on the way out the door.

Cashew Butter: I think this is my all time favorite nut butter. Maybe since cashews are my favorites nuts too? The Trader Joe’s brand is my favorite so far. I tried another kind, my cousin got me a jar for Christmas, and it just is not as good and costs $4 more! Trader Joe’s #forthewin


confession- this is not even all the nut butters we have right now... not all are open either for the record
confession- this is not even all the nut butters we have right now… not all are open either for the record

Guacamole: or just avocados in general. I love them so much! I rarely bought them at school because they are so darn expensive but since I have been home I have eaten so many! I love that the Whole Food’s in Annapolis almost always has fresh made guac and samples too! The WF guac in New Orleans was always a little brown :/

King Cake! Yupp, I decided to order one from New Orleans, overnight mail- only option. I figured I paid to ship one to Shane twice, why not order one for myself πŸ™‚ I mean I even carried one on the plane last year when going to NYC in January. They are SO worth it. No matter where I am I will continue to celebrate Carnival season!

Haydel's Bakery king cake
Haydel’s Bakery king cake

So those are my favorites right now, excluding the ‘normal’ stuff. We all know we eat fruits and vegetables basically everyday. I love blueberries and seafood… you know that by now? So these are the special stuff πŸ™‚ Hope you enjoyed them!

Who else loves Whole Foods guacamole?? I think it is the best!

or anyone else buy the target trail mix?? the cashew caramel is a close second and I have been able to hold out on buying the cinnamon roll mix they have now.


2 thoughts on “Friday (Food) Favorites

  1. Target trail mix gets me every time! I have been buying the raw mixed nuts lately, I like to roast them and make different kinds in trail mixes and others I make some yummy nut butters out of it! So so good and so so cheap!


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