Weekly Workouts 2/1-2/7

So I have been trying to get back into putting my fitness on here is some way, shape, or form but I haven’t exactly decided on a method yet so bear with me 🙂 Fitness is a huge part of my life and so I want to keep that a big priority on here. With that said I haven’t exactly decided how to go forward with my fitness since I have completed my college career as an athlete.

If you have been reading this space for a little while you may know this already, that I ran D1 track/cross country for Tulane University. I had some outstanding performances but since developing my colitis I was unable to avoid injury, I was anemic for way too long for my bones to handle the intensity and I am still dealing with some body and running problems now. It is hard to accept going from running 60-65 miles a week for months with no problems to not being able to run for 3 weeks at less than 10 miles a week and getting hurt, again. So frustrating!

I have accepted that though and am trying to listen to my body as much as I can. Doesn’t help when doctors cannot tell me why I got hurt either though, just so strange. They look at me, see the problem clearly and look at how I treat my body and what I was doing physically before it stared to cause me problems and they just do not go together. I really hope after this plantar fasciitis is better that that is the end of this chain of injuries. I miss running a lot; I even miss competing and my teammates. I know graduating early was the best decision for myself but I cannot help but feel like I had an incomplete ending to my ‘career.’

With that said this week I am going to recap the fun classes and such that I did.

WORKOUTS 2/1-2/7:

Sunday: Cardio + run/walk 3.1 mi + weights – I waited until Shane went back to school and then did some cardio and lifting later in the afternoon/early evening before heading home for dinner. The gym was so much less crowded on a Sunday night! I decided to run/walk a 5k for the 5 by the 5th Challenge. Wasn’t my fasted  5k but I got it done either way and my foot didm’t really hurt. I then hopped on a bike after for a little longer before going to do weights.

Monday: Cardio + core work

Tuesday:  Cardio + online 30 min barre video

Wednesday: Yoga Sculpt- great class, I was sweating sooo much! My mom was my free guest this week and she really liked it too. It is a good workout but also a good stretch.

Thursday: Cardio + Body Pump Express/CXWORX – Since my mom had dinner plans out this was the first week I stayed after the 30 min body pump class for the CXWORX class. I love the body pump express but was not a fan of the second class. It has too much choreography and I just did not get it. I got way too confused and by the time I figured it out we moved onto another thing. I liked the core tracks at the start but it was done hill once we added the bands.

Friday: Run 1 mi, walk 1.5 mi + cardio – I did a short run/walk, I was really itching to get on the treadmill and then afterwards I did a little time on the elliptical. Nothing very exciting but I got it done.

Saturday: Yoga for Runners at Charm City Run in Annapolis

Not a bad week if you ask me. I got in two yoga classes and a barre video, two short run/walks without much pain in my heel/foot and some weight lifting. I kinda slacked on the core work but it happens. I might add it in later today since I just did a short yoga class at the local running store this morning. I like the variety I have added since not competing and have definitely increased my overall strength, which is always a good thing!

I still want to #runlikeagirl more often though.

IMG_3978That is all I have for today! I am thinking of doing the $10/week ClassPass next week since I am going into Baltimore for a Tulane Alumni event and it is accepted at my favorite yoga studio in Annapolis! My only concern is making sure I can cancel it after the week because I do not actually live in Baltimore where more places take it.


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