Meal plan for the Week #11

Hey there everyone. Hope your Sunday is going well and a good end to the weekend. The start of my weekend was a rough one but it has only gotten better since.

Part of the reason why I am getting this up so late… I wanted to enjoy my weekend and time with Shane since Sunday’s are his only free day. It started out rough because on Friday the FedEx guy tried his last delivery of an item I have to sign for. I had left the other tag signed on the door the night before thinking that would be okay. It was not, but what made me mad was he assumed because the tag was on the door that I was not home and didn’t even knock!! I was 15 ft away from the door. We have our curtains closed to keep the heat in since it has been cold so I didn’t see him. My mom asked about it when she got home 30 min later and saw the new tag. The FedEx location is 30 min away so an hour driving round trip.

I also was babysitting that night and my car got blocked in at our friends office when I had to leave so luckily I was able to do a quick switch with my mom while she was at the nail salon and the mysterious car was gone an hour later when she left. I then babysat until midnight and was up at 645 am Saturday to drive my mom to the airport. I was tired! So today, after babysitting again last night, I choose to sleep in and have a lazy day hanging around with Shnae. We watched chef and 2 episodes of criminal minds… aka didn’t move except for breakfast until 2 when we had lunch and turned the tv off.

That brings me here, chatting with you all and planning my week much later than usual. So let’s get this done! 🙂


Breakfasts: overnight oats, berry bowls, smoothies, power o’s cereal, banana pancakes (had the this morning!) plus fruit

Lunch: leftovers, eggs and veggies, potatoes

Snacks/Dessert: trail mix (with dark chocolate espresso beans), pretzels & nut butter, energy balls/bars, baked plantains, carrots and hummus, dates with coconut butter/cashew butter, banana chocolate ‘ice cream’, sweet potato banana muffins (recipe tomorrow hopefully!)

Salad with shrimp and potatoes (x2)
Cajun stuffed butternut squash
Zucchini and carrot noodles with tuna
Out to eat

Prepped: Baked a butternut squash, roasted veggies, made sweet potato banana muffins, baked plantains, and made coconut oil/dark chocolate cups

The last grocery shopping I did was at Trader Joe’s late last week:
Fruit/Veggies: butter lettuce, arugula, kale, red spinach, zucchini, rainbow carrots, blueberries
Other: Coconut dark chocolate almonds, pulled pork (for Shane), thai chicken noodle salad (for Shane), individual greek yogurts, dates, decaf coffee, rice vinegar

Not a bad week, we might have to do some mid-week shopping but my mom is in Florida for work until Tuesday night. Since it is getting late I am checking out since I am eating dinner as I finish this up and watching the Grammys!! Linking up with Jill and Laura again!


2 thoughts on “Meal plan for the Week #11

  1. Sounds great!

    Kaila Proulx

    From: Run for Berries Reply-To: Run for Berries Date: Sunday, February 8, 2015 at 8:25 PM To: Kaila Proulx Subject: [New post] Meal plan for the Week #11 Running for Berries posted: “Hey there everyone. Hope your Sunday is going well and a good end to the weekend. The start of my weekend was a rough one but it has only gotten better since. Part of the reason why I am getting this up so late… I wanted to enjoy my weekend and time “


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