What I Ate Wednesday #58: Day in the life!

Hey there. How is your week so far? Mine has gone pretty well. I have another day in the life for you today, this is what happened in my life yesterday, Tuesday 2/10. It was a pretty busy day for me right now so here it is.


9:00 am Wake up, brush teeth, check phone, put on sweats to leave my room since the rest of the house is colder.

9:20 am Make Coffee, eat a sweet potato banana muffin standing in the kitchen, open computer and check Fedex website for my package that I need to pickup now, respond to a couple text messages and check snap chats.

9:30 am Pour coffee and move computer to table so I can sit and check emails.

10:00 am: Pull out extra banana pancakes from Sunday, plantains, and yogurt and berries. Assemble breakfast and warm up pancakes and plantains, which I eat with cashew butter.

IMG_4020 IMG_4021

10:30 am get up for a second up of coffee and put dishes in dishwasher, put dry dishes away, check social media and make another bowl of berries with granola. (above)

11:00 am Decide I should get ready to leave soon, eat some trail mix**, then go downstairs to my room and put laundry away and pack my gym bag. I look at the pull ouch couch, where Shane sleeps and decide I should wash the sheets for him since he will be here a couple days next weekend and it has been a couple weeks. His sheets get over looked when he has two loads of laundry and my mom and I have three with our stuff sorted together (aka 5 loads of laundry on Sundays normally happen). Plus towels every other week making 6 loads some weekends.


Note- this same bag of trail mix except I just reused the sealable bag to put TJ’s Cashew/Almond/Chocolate trail mix in and added my own dark chocolate espresso beans… this is my only complaint about TJ’s trail mix is that the bags are not sealable.

11:30 am Decide I am going to wait until I put the laundry in the dryer to leave so I pull out my computer again and start to work on an excel file for my dad. He is paying me to input data for him. Mind numbing work and never ending but an easy way for a little extra money (going into the I want a vitamin fund!)

12:30 pm Got an hour of work done, go switch laundry and actually head out the door. Eat an Nakd bar on the way out (Caffe Mocha flavor) and some more trail mix.

12:45/50 pm Get to gym, sign in, put stuff in locker room, head out to workout

12:50-3:00 pm Do 30 min on the elliptical, lift weights, then 40 min on the bike. Go to locker room and shower and get dressed/semi-nicely dressed before leaving and braving the cold with wet hair :/

3:00-3:15 pm Walk over to Target to grab a free coffee at Starbucks (you know what this looks like, I hope), check prices on vitamix’s, and call my mom, while on the phone with her I walk to the wrong garage looking for the car. Realize this and walk to the other garage, ops. She laughs at me and also tells me I don’t need any more appliances, I tell her a vitamix is a game changer.

3:30 pm Get home, am hungry so make a pumpkin/kale/banana protein smoothie since I don’t want to kill my appetite because I have early dinner plans with my dad. Make smoothie, get mail, get dry laundry, attempt to remake bed, and delete some emails.


4-5:00 pm Work on excel file again for my dad. I have been doing 100 rows a day, which is 3 hours of work so I am 2/3rds of the way done for the day.

5:20 pm Leave the house, stop at USPS to grab some envelopes/boxes, then head to Tsunami on West Street for sushi happy hour. YUM. I get there at 5:45 and my dad gets there around 5:50 pm so we order just before 6 pm when half price (!!!!) sushi rolls end. Can’t beat that, right? Sushi there is awesome too . We  hang out, chatting, talking about the file, and eating our sushi until 6:45/6:50 pm before heading on our own ways.


6:55 pm In the car and head to Wegmans to do the grocery shopping before getting my mom at the airport. I try to power my way through but seem to not be able to find anything I need fast. I pick up sushi here for my mom for her dinner since she gets in sorta late. Impulse buy of Dark Chocolate Chex mix to get in the car.

Not my picture but is what I ate... 1/2 the bag of :)
Not my picture but is what I ate… 1/2 the bag of 🙂

8:00 pm Back in car and head to Fedex location. I get there at 8:20 pm and the lady tells me this in fact is not the correct location for me to pick up my item. That the other location is not listed on the website because it does not have a desk to pick up items at and that I need to call the 800 number and try to get them to take my item to a Fedex/Kinkos because trying to get it from that warehouse is a pain in the butt (what she has heard)…. wow thanks. Why didn’t the lady on the phone the first time I called tell me this because I just drove to an uncomfortable area outside Baltimore to try and get this package… not too happy.

8:40 pm Make it to the airport to pick up my mom. Explain situation to her during our ride home… and how much I spent at Wegmans. Hah, I randomly threw more items in as I remembered during the drive and she laughed… I didn’t buy too much random/non fresh stuff though! We just needed some weekly basics/kitchen basics like black beans, eggs, etc. Plus her sushi and dumplings, plus veggie goyza for me tomorrow were the most expensive items.

9:10 pm We make it home! Unload car, unpack groceries, drink 2 cups of water because I am parched. Warm up last (sadly) piece of king cake. Start this post and then go straight to finishing up the excel file work for the night… gonna be a late one, I can tell. She also gives me a present she won in Florida (the dino).

IMG_4026 IMG_4027

10:20 pm Finish excel work for the night. Move to couch to work on this post while my mom watches the Grammys that I recorded for her. Also, make coffee for the morning and make sure pictures are on computer via the cloud. Seems that wordpress is having some technical difficulties with pictures tonight so guess that I am not scheduling this post and will have to add those in the morning because what is a WIAW without pictures??

11:10 pm Mom turns off TV, late night for both of us. Move down to my room. Get ready for bed before going back to this post, say goodnight to Shane, and give up on pictures for the night.

11:45 pm This is WAY too late for me I am a 10:30 pm bedtime person!! Time to turn in for the night. Sweet Dreams everyone! Hope you were entertained by my busy day. Probably going to sleep in a bit having been up so late.


I also wanted to share a couple others food pictures today, really just the dinner I made myself Monday because my plate looked pretty, I thought! Here you go!

healthy cookie dough recipe to come!
healthy cookie dough recipe to come!
salad, tomatoes, peppers, purple sweet potato and cashew butter, plus seafood/rice soup
salad, tomatoes, peppers, purple sweet potato and cashew butter, plus seafood/rice soup
eggs and veggies plus potatoes and coconut butter
eggs and veggies plus potatoes and coconut butter
the whole king cake!
the whole king cake!
kale sprouts, eggs and veggies, hummus/salsa mixed, and a biscuit
kale sprouts, eggs and veggies, hummus/salsa mixed, and a biscuit
salad, tomatoes, peppers, shrimp and sweet potatoes
salad, tomatoes, peppers, shrimp and sweet potatoes
froyo! toasted marshmallow and mud pie flavors.... yumm!
froyo! toasted marshmallow and mud pie flavors…. yumm!
stuffed butternut squash with zoodles, kale, tomatoes, brussel sprouts, refried beans, morning star beef? less protein, and salsa
stuffed butternut squash with zoodles, kale, tomatoes, brussel sprouts, refried beans, morning star beef? less protein, and salsa

So that is everything I have for today! I DO NOT recommend Fedex as a shipping service, if you can’t tell, they have been so frustrating for me! I just want my package, which is an expensive item I had repaired and shipped to me so I didn’t have to drive to Tysons to pick it up! Now I am driving all over the place and don’t trust it sitting in a warehouse.

Edited to add: I couldn’t sleep so I got back up at 12:30 and finished up this post :/ I struggled with stress induced insomnia all fall and have been doing pretty well with sleeping at home but occasionally I get bouts of it again and it is not fun! That is why I do not set alarms anymore unless I have too, this semester is one that I am letting my body sleep as much as it needs (as much as I can) and try to recover from the stress of college, running/working for athletics, and deal with whatever my colitis may have for me. I made certain choices that I believed were best for my body and I am not letting the pressure from others push me into doing things I am not ready for or that will just put my back into the situations that were not working for my body. You and the only one that knows what your own bodies needs at any given time and mine right now is asking for rest and relaxation. I have the rest of my life to worry about work and bills or anything else. I guess just a little honesty at this lovely hour of 12:55 am 🙂 not… now that this is done, maybe I will be able to sleep, I also made a list of things I have to do tomorrow on a post it and put it on top my computer (Fedex, fedex, fedex… chiropractor because my head is throbbing! email my GI dr to check in, etc).


2 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday #58: Day in the life!

  1. I totally get what you mean about doing what feels best for your body! You deserve the break girl! College, working, athletics and everything is stressful! Oh and that stuffed butternut squash looked so yummy!


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