Thinking out Loud: Valentine’s

Hey there, how are you doing? I am a bit tired but otherwise doing well. Today I am getting a mini facial (for free) as a Valentine’s Day event at L’occtaine . Not a bad deal, free is the way to go. I also had a chiropractor appointment this morning since I have been getting a lot of headaches, especially late afternoon after staring at the computer for a few hours thanks to working on that excel file for my dad. He also told me he had another document for me to work on when I finish this one… joy. :/

A little rant too- I also have to call the sender of my package I was not able to pick up (missed the fedex guy twice, he didn’t ring the door bell the last attempt when I was actually home, went to the wrong location to pick it up because the lady on the phone told me I could get it– not actually true, called again yesterday and now I have to call the sender and have them allow for it to be moved to another location for me to pick it up…. grrrrr! I had a wristlet from Louis Vuitton repaired and paid $15 for them to ship it and now it is a nightmare!!! The guy on the phone last night just kept repeating the same thing, you need to call the sender we cannot move your package, over and over again, like they are now holding it hostage in their warehouse! I am so angry, I just wait my wristlet back! It broke a month after I got it! BTW I am never personally choosing to use Fedex, their customer service is awful and the delivery guy was at fault!

Anyways, Today I wanted to talk about my Valentine’s Day plans and the day in general. So I am doing this TOL style and linking up with Amanda! I think we can all TOL on this topic!


I know some people HATE the day and some love it, but really what is the point, it is never going to disappear. I think everyone should just accept it for what it is. I am in between, it is a Hallmark holiday, nothing more than that, but what is bad about taking some extra time to show someone you care. One could argue you should do this everyday, but we live in a world where that does not always happen we are extra busy blah blah blah… So this is an excuse to make plans to just be with the one you want to be with. No extravagant gifts should be needed, just spent time with someone. Clear your schedule or do something they like and not complain.

So my plans? I am going to spend it with the two most important people in my life! My mom and Shane. Nothing over the top lovey dovey just doing fun stuff. We are doing our own morning workouts then heading in DC for he afternoon. There is a Dino exhibit and a Whole Foods sponsored: Our Global Kitchen- chocolate themed food thing at the National Geographic Museum. Then we will head to Chevy chase and visit my cousin who had her second baby 3 weeks ago and stop into the Tiffany & Co store so my mom can get a bracelet she wants. Treat your self, right?! She deserves it and is using her tax return.

Going to two exhibits and then to Chevy Chase will take up most of the afternoon so from there we are just heading back to Annapolis and home for dinner. Going out would be crazy so our plan is to do dinner out on Sunday instead. I did pick up some strawberries and we have pretzels and to melt and cover both in chocolate. Classic valentine’s dessert.

Shane said as my Valentine’s ‘present’ is that I can pick sushi and froyo for a night πŸ™‚ perfect, right? For him I got some gummy candies from Fresh Market (he loves gummies), I stuck out on finding taffy, which he also loves, and then on Friday I am getting him these heart shaped Chick Fil A chicken biscuits. He LOVES Chick Fil A so I thought it would be funny. We like food can you tell? plus it isn’t a real gift holiday in my opinion.


So, what are your thoughts on Valentine’s day?? I do not get why so people absolutely hate it, like whyyy? Isn’t there someone you love and just wanna tell them because you can?

I am not all about the over the top, Valentine’s day is a legitimate holiday (sorry when it happens on a week day we all have to go to work or school) but I have a little fun and make cards to tell people that Β I care Β and make yummy baked goods and eat chocolate! Who wants to turn down an excuse to eat more chocolate! I probably eat enough chocolate daily for a family of four πŸ™‚

So on that note I am heading out! Have a great day and let me in on any big Valentine’s day plans! I love hearing other peoples’ thought on the day or what they do to celebrate or not.


4 thoughts on “Thinking out Loud: Valentine’s

  1. Exactly! Why spend so much time hating something that isn’t going away. I never thought about it that way, either how it is just a day that maybe you clear your schedule because we do seem to jam pack our schedules and not take the time we should to show someone we care! Love your outlook on it πŸ™‚


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