Workout Recap 2/8-2/14

Happy Valentine’s Day! You can check out my thoughts on the ‘holiday’ here. In short I have nothing against it. I do sorta wish we got a little snow like originally predicted today though, would make for a pretty afternoon. Oh well. I will survive. It is going to be way too cold for me tomorrow and I will be wishing for summer and not snow… btw I pick summer over snow ANY DAY!

So I am going to enjoy my long weekend with Shane and some time with my mom so I just wanted to quickly pop in and let you know how my fitness/workout regime went last week.

I decided to participate in February Love your Butt Challenge with Fitful Focus so in addition to what is below I have been keeping up with some squats too 🙂 always good for a runner to add extra squats, especially just body weight ones! I also try to do some planks every morning. A little secret: I do them while reading instagram and when I need a break I do some supermans! It is a great way to start the day!

Workouts 2/8-2/14

S: run 1.5 mi (11 min) outside because it was so so so nice out!
M: elliptical, core + weights
Tu: elliptical
W: run 2.5 mi + walk 2.5 mi
Th: 30 min Bodypump
F: Bike + Core work
S: Yoga

Not a very exciting week but I think there was some good variety, I meant to do a yoga video too but I got busy :/ between working for my dad, running errands, trying to figure out the fedex stuff, wanting to bake for valentines day ( I made these Red Velvet Nutella Rolls!!!) and make myself some other things I never got around too it. But at least I got one class in! So I will try for two classes next week! Other foot news is that I am getting dry needling done next Thursday to see if that helps my plantar fasciitis pain. He said I will know without one session if it works or not, so here is to hoping!



Shane also surprised me with a flower delivery yesterday, which was so sweet! Have a great (long) weekend and Valentine’s Day! (tell someone you love them!)


4 thoughts on “Workout Recap 2/8-2/14

  1. I totally know what you mean about meaning to get in a yoga video an failing! I have been failing at getting yoga in completely! But I am hoping to next weekend!


  2. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with plantar fasciitis! I had it in the fall of 2013 and it was so painful! I’ve never heard of dry needling before – does it help? I agree squats are always a great cross training exercise for runners!


    1. I will find on Thursday and let you know! The chiropractor that does it said it is similar to acupuncture and that it works in some people and doesn’t in others, I really hope it works! That is the only problem/injury I have right now and I just wanna run!


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