(Long) Weekend Recap

Hey there. How was your long weekend? (If you had one) I know some colleges and such did not have off but a lot of people had the 3 day weekend, which is always appreciated! Yesterday felt like Sunday in my house! Which is why I never got around too much on here :/ but I had a nice weekend and I hope you did too! Here is how it went down in our household:

Friday: Shane was able to come over earlier than usual, he ordered a Nespresso machine that arrived so he immediately set that up and then we headed out to Target and BB&B to pick up a couple things. I also got a flower delivery in the mail too 🙂 for an early V-day gift.


Back at home, dinner in for Shane and I (my mom went out) Shane had his Valentine’s day Chick Fil A biscuits for dinner and I sautéed kale and squash and had morning star crumbles as my protein plus some sweet potato.

We watched some Netflix and had a lazy night. I had met with a family I am going to nanny for at 7pm when the mom got home from work so dinner was on the later side anyways. We are currently addicted to the beginning of Criminal Minds. I randomly started season 1 last week and we are both hooked now!

Saturday: Woke up and headed to yoga from 9-10 am. I had a cup of coffee and some plantains with pumpkin peanut butter before getting out the door. After yoga I got ready and we headed into DC to go to the National Geographic museum. Lunch was shake shack for Shane and my mom and sweet green for me then we headed to Chevy Chase before driving home in the snow! It was a rough drive home. (Saturday is going to be my WIAW /Day in the Life!) Dinner at home and some tv.

a Spinosaurous outside the museum
a Spinosaurous outside the museum

Sunday: Nothing was on the agenda to start the day but we got pretty busy. I headed to the gym around 10 am after scraping off my car (so much ice) and enjoying my coffee and some food. I got back home around noon and made myself a second breakfast, because it is the weekend and breakfast is the best meal of the day, so I made pumpkin pancakes with sliced banana and a side of blueberries and captain crunch sprinkled donut cereal. When I got home I found out my moms dinner plans were canceled so she wanted to make her and Shane pork chops for dinner. I was a bit annoyed that mean mine and Shane’s sushi dinners were out the door but my mom was bummed her plans were cancelled.



After eating, cleaning up, and getting put together my mom and I headed out to do the grocery shopping. We went to Trader Joe’s, Sam’s Club, and Fresh Market. I also tried on a couple dresses in a store next to FM as options for graduation dresses. While we were out Shane was finishing up his two weeks worth of laundry and went to Safeway to stock up on Vitamin Water and got some pizza rolls for lunch :/ hah, left to his own devices his food options are limited.

Pretty soon after we made it back home Shane and I headed back out. I grabbed some trail mix to eat in the car on the way to the ice skating rink. We got there right as it opened (after stopped at the NEX to check out prices on Vitamix blenders) and skated until Public Skate ended. I left my phone at home so no pictures happened. That was from 4:40 to 6:30 and there was a break half way through for them to re glaze the ice. I took two bad falls and bruised my knees pretty badly but otherwise it was a lot of fun!

After ice skating we went to pick up froyo at Sweet Frog and saved it for after dinner. Shane and my mom had their pork chops and green beans (I hate green beans) and I had salmon sushi and tuna seaweed salad that we picked up at The Fresh Market. We picked out a movie (which was terrible) then watched two more episodes of Criminal Minds and stayed up way too late doing so but they are so good!

IMG_4068 IMG_4069

Monday: SLEEP IN DAY! I slept until 10 am and woke up to a text from Shane’s dad so I went to wake him up to call him. Shane’s dad was coming to Annapolis to drop his moms’ car off at the car shop and had to take Shane’s car back home with them for the week.

He got up and got his stuff together to take back to school and we ate breakfast before meeting his dad. I went to the gym to do cardio at this time then got another coffee from Target and stopped at Great Harvest. I wanted to see if they had king cakes (they did not) but I got a Big Kaluha bar, a cinnamon stick and a pumpkin muffin (for Shane). Yummm. I had some more pancakes and plantains for lunch and then a piece of the yummy Big Kaluha bar. After watching a little TV I drove to Chipotle with Shane and we picked up some bowls to go before taking him back to school in time for practice at 5pm.

these are so yummy!
these are so yummy!

I went back to the gym to do a 5:30 Bodypump class, I hadn’t lifted in a few days, I decided to just walk on the treadmill and read some blogs for a little bit before. Class went really well and I headed home in the snow! Time to get dinner ready, luckily I had my chipotle and put that on top of a large salad plus some polenta and soy cheese and cauliflower rice and now we are relaxing and getting ready for the short week//snow day tomorrow! I start nannying tomorrow but already head from the mom pushing the time back because of the weather. I know our snow is nothing compared to some places right now but the roads are still unsafe in the morning since we don’t get plowed very well and it ices over pretty bad.


Sorry this post got longer than expected! But I had a fun weekend, we did some new things and kept busy. I will be back tomorrow with a more detailed Day in the Life from Saturday.


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