Weekly Workouts 2/15-2/22

Hello, hello. How are you doing? I, myself, am doing pretty well. I had a super busy week. I didn’t plan on skipping a couple days but it just happened. I was nannying all day long and then got home late and was exhausted and would have to get ready for the next day. I am getting ready to leave for Chicago early Monday morning also. I already packed a big bag of clothes and sent them off with my dad because he is driving up so now it is just making sure I don’t take more than my one carry on up to Virginia with me tomorrow! The struggle, I keep feeling like I forgot stuff but cannot carry on more than one bag without being charged extra!

Since I am flying straight from Chicago to Florida I am giving my mom some warm weather clothes to pack for me so I don’t have to take that stuff to Chicago too. So safe to say I may be sporadic on here next week too, I will be out all morning and then start my nutrition courses online too so it will be a busy week!

I also wanted to tell you how I felt about the dry needling I had done on Thursday. Immediately afterwards my foot was in pain! I was limping out of there, but after 20 minutes or so it went away and I started to feel a lot better as the day went one. There was noticeably a lot less pain in the fasciitis area. He told me to ice it later in the day, which I did not get a chance to do until 9 pm after I got home from my nanny jobs and got stuff organized after being gone most of the day. I DID do it though! I also iced again on Friday after my workout.

IMG_4093 IMG_4098

It is not a quick fix though but it definitely helps. I will be making an appointment to go back again after I get back from my trips. It was a weird experience. The needles as he hammered (?) them in felt like the pinch you get at the dentist when they numb you. Not too bad but a few were more painful than others, especially when you get 25 of them in. He them left them in for 5 ish minutes total and came back and removed them. Only two of the spots bled a little as he removed them but it was barely anything. It was a pretty quick experience and I think has really helped. He could tell the swollen part of my arch immediately and said he attacked that part pretty heavily compared to other reasons.

So if you have any pain like this, kinda mysterious, since plantar fasciitis doesn’t have many known causes or cures, I really recommend trying it out! I know it does not work for everyone but it is worth a shot if your insurance covers it.

Now here is how my week of workouts went:


S: indoor cycle class – I challenged myself in this class I guess because about 45 minutes in I was TIRED! My legs were exhausted and slowing down so it was a good class!
M: Body pump and cardio + core – first time I have done a full body pump class and I really liked it! I knew I was missing the express class later this week so I wanted to get one in early on. The pushups after multiple arm tracks are killer! usually I am a boss at push ups.
Tu: Yoga video  + playing soccer in the snow – let me tell you, running through 8 inches is tough! My team won on 2v2 in soccer 🙂
W: Cardio + Weights + Core – I woke up early to go to the gym before nannying all day long. It was a rough AM though, it was so bloody cold out that my car had some issues starting and I left 30 minutes later than planned. I did cardio at my gym then core and weights at the house I am nannying at since the girls were still asleep when I got there at 8am.
Th: A little biking but I had my dry needling session and took it easy
F: Cardio +Weights + Core– My foot was feeling a lot better by the morning so I ran 2.15 miles on the treadmill at the gym. It was 5 degrees when I woke up so there was no way I was doing that outside. It felt good to run! I miss it a lot and will probably be running 1-2 short runs a week from now on as long as my foot feels okay and maybe more after 3-4 weeks.
S: Yoga at lululemon Nutritionist is speaking at Charm City Annapolis so I signed up to attend that so I might go walk on the treadmill afterwards then going to the Patriot League Indoor track champions at the academy

Not a bad week. It was long working wise so I was pretty tired towards the end of the week. Need to get back on that morning routine! I babysat/nannied for 40 hours this week in 4 days basically. Good thing I like kids!

How was your week? Do you like kids/ever nanny this much??


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