Life Happens: A Busy Week in Chicago

Hey there. Totally did not mean to disappear at the end of last week but I was so busy! I did not spend much time at the hotel or around my computer, barely checked my email let alone social media or write up a post. Not what was planned but… life happens and you don’t want to miss out on that!

So what was I busy doing? Well I will tell you.

Chicago Dental Society 150th midwinter meeting
Chicago Dental Society 150th midwinter meeting

I arrived in Chicago Monday morning. My flight left Dulles Airport (DC) at 6:55 am and with the time difference I landed at 8 am. I then had to take the CTA (Chicago transit) downtown to my dad’s girlfriends’ office. I got there by 9:30 am and hung out until 11 am before my dad could get me. We then got lunch at a small place, Big n’ Little’s, that had been on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. We had to get back to McCormick Place (convention center) by 12:30 to meet some electricians and get two 80 inch screens in place. That took us until 4 pm. Then we left the convention center, stopped at Trader Joe’s to pickup some foods for my room, checked into the hotel, and my dad left me to get settled and I later took the bus to his gf’s apartment. We ate dinner in that night and I drove the car back to the hotel to park it overnight.



Tuesday morning my dad was planning to have me pick him up around 12:30 but he was having some issues transferring the program from one computer to another. We needed the same stuff on 2 big 80 inches and 6 smaller 55 inch screens. I went to the apartment around 1 pm and spent a couple hours there doing some work for him on the computer before going to meet his gf again at Trader Joe’s to pick up an easy dinner for that night. I choose to stay in and work on the excel doc I was doing so that I could also watch Pretty Little Liars and catch up on some sleep.

IMG_4131 IMG_4132

Wednesday morning they picked me up at the hotel at 8:40 am since I left the car there the day before. We dropped his gf at work then headed to McCormick to get some stuff set up. We got the 80 inch surrounding displays set up and two of the 55 inches on before going to lunch with his friend. We went to a small italian cafe nearby for lunch. After lunch it was back to work, we took one break to go get my sister from the train then recruited her to help resize some graphics.

We didn’t make it out of the convention center until 6:30 pm that night and only had 4/6 mostly set up. Luckily we had dinner out on the agenda. We picked up his gf and went to a pizza place (my request) called Pizzeria Da Nella. I had a veggie one with no cheese but it was still awesome.


It started snowing midday Wednesday and kept snowing until mid afternoon Thursday. I had the car at the hotel Wednesday night and left at 5:30 am Thursday to go get my dad. It was snowing and super windy which made for a rough drive to pick him up since the wind was coming at me going that direction so I did not have much visibility. We made it to the convention center by 6 am and got to work. The show opened this day so it was a rush to get the last 2/6 screens set up the best we could. Some of the graphics weren’t working like they were supposed to and we had to do the best we could. After the show opened there wasn’t too much for us to do but walk around occasionally and check on the touch screens so my dad let me head back to the hotel on the shuttle bus for lunch. I got in a workout when I got back then pulled leftovers out of my fridge to eat ,showered and checked email before heading back. After the show we drove to pickup my sister from her work office in Chicago then went to the apartment since we ate in again and I headed back to the hotel around 9:15 to get ready for the next day.

Friday, my last day “working”, my dad kept the car the night before and picked me up at 6:45 am so we could fix the minor errors on the screens. Again, not much to do after the hall opened at 9am. This morning I went back at 11 and stayed at the hotel until 3:30 since there were no midday shuttle buses. I was able to (again) workout, shower, eat lunch, pick up a kombucha and walk to the shuttle bus pickup location. We hall closed at 5:30 again and we had a change of plans since my sister had a migraine she left work early and we did not need to get her. We decided to let her lay down for an hour before dinner and we went to wander around Eataly to kill some time. BTW Eataly is AWESOME! My dad got a glass of wine and then we did a little shopping. He picked up pasta, clams, and fresh grated cheese for their dinner Saturday night. I got some yummy chocolate and a pasta to try (corn, quinoa, and rice blend). We got my sister around 7pm then headed to pick up his gf and head to sushi for dinner! YUM! Dinner was good but I was super tired by the end, long week. I lost the vote though and we went back into the apartment so they could all have a drink and hangout. We ended up staying there until 11 pm before calling an Uber and I was TIRED! I started to pack up a bit before bed once we got back to the hotel and called it a night around midnight. Way too late for me.

Saturday I was flying out. I spent the morning stuffing my bag and figuring out what I had to leave with my dad/sister. I was downstairs around 8:50, caught a cab to take to the CTA, then took the train to O’Hare. My flight out was at 11:21 am and I was checking a bag so I wanted to make sure I had enough time.

Now that puts me in Florida! Where I will be until Tuesday with my mom and I will tell you about that later. As you can see Chicago was busy with a lot of work but that is why I was there. It was bloody cold too so not as much exploring was possible this time. I hope you made it through all that!

Anyone else love Chicago? I do really like the city but it is more fun in the summer! I am liking the Florida weather a lot more than the freezing cold of Chicago.


3 thoughts on “Life Happens: A Busy Week in Chicago

  1. That welcome treatment looks stunning. Apart from that, what an interesting time in Chicago. I’ll have the pleasure to fly over in a few days and I’m already looking forward to exploring the city. Thanks for the inspiration and enjoy your time in Florida! 🙂


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