Healthy Eating on the go

Hello, hello. How is your day going?

I am was in Chicago last week helping my dad out with some work, now in Florida with my mom, and wanted to let you all know how I stay healthy while traveling. I know it is hard sometimes to get in as many fruits and vegetables while traveling but it can be done with a little planning. Both while traveling and when you are at your destination.

In Transit Tips:
– pack whole fruit: bananas, apples, oranges
– pack protein and fats to keep you full: nuts, nut butter, jerky (if you are a meat eater), protein powder, healthy bars
-pack a small treat so when you see all the donuts, pastries, ice cream, etc at the airport you don’t buy them, instead have a piece of dark chocolate or something to crush that craving without a $5+ sugar and fat filled airport item
– bring a water bottle to refill and actually fill it and drink it!

Eating Healthy at your destination:
-Find the closest grocery store and buy healthy snacks and breakfast/lunch food
-If breakfast is not included in your hotel cost then stock up on healthy breakfast items. I buy plain greek yogurt and pair it with some fruit and nut butter plus the protein powder I bring from home
-Eat whole fruit as snacks or trail mix, minimal ingredient bars/snacks
-Order a salad for lunch or start dinner with veggies

What I did in Chicago:
– Packed lots of protein/snack bars: better safe than sorry! I packed like 10 bars, a bunch of nut butter packets, a bag of pretzels, trail mix, plantain chips, drink powders, and fruit
– Packed airplane snacks: banana and nut butter, pretzels, quest & kind bars
– Took a large Tervis cup to use for coffee AND water
– Went to Trader Joe’s on my first day: bought plain greek yogurt, blueberries, bananas, trail mix, sparkling water, makings for dinner (I was lucky my dads gf lives there so we ate in Monday/Thursday), plus went back the next day for a pre made salad and egg white salad to eat for dinner in my room.
-Eat leftovers for lunch

Meal Recap:
M: travel day- banana/pb,trail mix, dry chez cereal & coffee for ‘breakfast’
early lunch- ahi tuna burger with cajun fries (didn’t eat the bun but killed a portion of french fries= balance)
dinner in- ginger cod, roasted kale, butternut squash, & brussels plus carrots and hummus while making dinner


T: bfast- Plain greek yogurt, chocolate protein powder, 1/2 banana mashed in, blueberries, granola & coffee
lunch in- leftover cod, kale/brussels/squash, plus some granola and lots of tea
dinner- TJ’s Kale salad and egg white salad and some plantains with almond butter


W: bfast- banana and peanut butter, trail mix, quest bar, coffee
lunch- house salad with grilled calamari and bred with tomato sauce
dinner- pizza!


Th: bfast- plantains and peanut butter, lara bar, trail mix, coffee
lunch- ti’s kale salad and more egg whites with chives salad, plus some more trail mix
dinner- chips and hummus, salad with squash, kale, avocado, garlic shrimp, and leftover pizza


F: bfast- plain greek yogurt with shakeology, granola, 1/2 banana, and chocolate chips, an orange, plus coffee
lunch- salad with leftover cod, squash, kale, and avocado
dinner- Sushi!

As you can see I had a lot of grocery store/home meals even while traveling. We ate dinner in 3 nights and left I used leftovers for lunches (leftovers from both in and out dinners) , I took snacks with me but also picked some up at the store. Finding a Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods makes it super easy to pick up some easy meals since they have prepared stuff that doesn’t have a bunch of extra stuff added to it! Most breakfasts were eaten while working, which is why they were more snack like, i.e. bars/trail mix/fruit. We got to work around 6/7 each day and were setting up computers until 9 am so I got hungry before we got a break so it worked.

Hope you enjoyed my take on healthy eating when traveling. I didn’t add my snacks in there but they were eaten. Kinda funny that at a big dental show each both was handing out candy 🙂 I picked up a lot of chocolate!

How do you stay healthy when traveling? I am leaving Florida today and picked up a salad from the hot/cold bar at Whole Foods yesterday to eat at the airport! Plus extra snacks for us.

linking up with Jill and Laura for meal planning! as a meal recap to give you some ideas 🙂


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