I miss the South: My Time in Florida

True story, I spent Saturday-Tuesday in Orlando, Florida with my mom and how could I not miss it. More specifically the weather!

I am not taking this whole winter thing easily. My body has taken a toll with the dry cold weather. I forgot about the gross things that happen to my in the winter. I am mainly talking about my feet! It’s been 3.5 years since I have suffered from athletes foot and gross skin eating fungus. Yes nasty. It got so bad in Chicago I made my dad take me to a Walgreens to pick up some cream. Like my toes are bleeding because all my skin layers have peeled and flaked off :/

Sorry if I just grossed you out, but it happens. How am I dealing with it? First, but an anti fungal cream. Second, put baby powder on your toes and in your socks for workouts because moist shoe environments can help the fungus grow. Third, take off socks when home and let feet dry.

I was wearing socks all day everyday and wearing warm shoes that caused my feet to sweat a lot = perfect environment for nasty feet things to grow.

Thankfully winter is almost over now that it is March! The weather has been sunny since the snow on Thursday and it supposed to stay semi-warm through the week, only 40s but compared to what it has been that will be super nice!

So Why was I in Florida? Well my mom had a business trip so I tagged along so we could go to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios. We went straight from the airport Saturday to the park then again Sunday morning. It was a lot of fun! It rained Saturday/Sunday morning, which worked out well since that meant less people at the park! We picked up the chocolate frog, a dark chocolate wand and some other yummy candies from the gift store that will be in Easter Baskets this year!

IMG_4151 IMG_4152 IMG_4154 IMG_4155 IMG_4156

My mom had her work stuff starting Sunday afternoon and was then busy the rest of the time we were there. After the park we grabbed something to eat for lunch then stopped at the Victorias Secret outlet store before going back to the hotel. Later Sunday afternoon I went to the gym for a quick workout then ate dinner in the room and caught up on my nutrition class before relaxing and watching The Notebook on TV. We had gone to Whole Foods for an easy/quick dinner Saturday after the park and I got extras for the next night. We also got all our breakfasts foods there too.

sushi and a salad
sushi and a salad
new kombucha flavor!
new kombucha flavor!

On Monday it was super foggy when I got up but was warm and supposed to clear midday. So I went to the gym then got ready to go down to the pool. I spent 11-2pm poolside, ate lunch there too, and it was awesome! After that I headed out to Jamba for a smoothie and the outlets. I specifically wanted to hit up Lululemon and then stopped into J.Crew. I got the sparkle leggings they had in the fall and a top from lulu and some cute shorts from J.Crew. Back to the hotel after that, I went on a short run on a trial and went on one of the hydro-bikes the hotel had on the small lake/pond the property was built around. After that it was time to shower and great ready for dinner. We had reservations at a place called MoonFish nearby, I got sushi (again) and we shared a bunch of appetizers.

IMG_4162 IMG_4163

special roll, tuna hand roll and ginger veggies
special roll, tuna hand roll and ginger veggies

Tuesday was another gym/pool day before checking out at 11:30 and heading to the airport. I was sad to leave :/ We had a 3pm flight but also were checking two bags and returning the rental car so we left the hotel at 12:30 to make sure we had enough time. I probably had enough pool time though because my shoulders and chest were a little pink, ops, but all gone now! It just felt so good to be able to go outside in shorts and tan a little. So over this winter thing.

breakfast by the pool- greek yogurt, granola, trail mix, pretzels and nut butter, and fresh fruit
breakfast by the pool- greek yogurt, granola, trail mix, pretzels and nut butter, and fresh fruit

We came home to rain, sleet, and the forecast of snow = not idea. Our baggage also took forever Tuesday night to get in and was so wet when we finally got it. Then we got on the road and saw there was an accident so we took a detour and hit up the nicer Safeway on the way home to grab some necessities for the rest of the week.

It was a great trip and I can’t wait for spring summer! I told my mom if she goes to the meeting next Feb/March while I am living in Rhode Island that I will be coming along too! That is gonna be one cold winter up there!

Anyone have any pro winter survival tips?

Been to Orlando recently?


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