Meal Plan #12

Hey there. Did you get a snow day last Thursday?? We did! Wooo. Here is a quick recap of the past few days.

I spent Thursday afternoon watching The Fault in our Stars and working on a computer doc for my dad, a new one. Then Friday I spent the day running errands, Shane came over, and we went to sushi happy hour then Michaels to get something framed for his dad. We came home and watched a few episodes of Criminal Minds before he had to go back to school. Saturday I slept in a little and took a 10:30 am cycle class, not my favorite class. I did some walking on the treadmill and reading blogs, core work, and showered and got ready at the gym. I took my lunch to Target and sat by Starbucks eating then grabbed a coffee and a few things from Target before starting the Drive to Dulles Airport to pick up my dad. It was an 80 min drive there, then a 95-100 min drive to the shop where the extra car was, then another 30 minutes back home… long day in the car! We also hit some traffic along the way.

Finally I made it home at 5:30 pm (after picking up some froyo as a treat for after dinner), I did some hip and foot rehab exercises and did some room/house cleanup before dinner. On the menu was lasagna- spinach and pepper for me, meat for my mom and sister. YUM!

So now that I got to our dinner last night and sushi the night before I am trying to get an idea for what we will have next week. Here is what I am thinking:


Smoothies/Yogurt bowls
Overnight Oats and fruit

Leftovers- veggies, protein, carbs

trail mix
snack bars
fruit and nut butter
pretzels/carrots and hummus

Baked Cod with zoodles, carrots, asparagus, peppers, and sweet potato
Leftovers + a Babysitting night
Salad with Pesto Tofu

That is what our week looks like! We have a lot of leftover lasagna and then I won’t be home at least one night for dinner so we don’t need too many dinner plans this week. All good stuff though, I love the Whole Foods pesto tofu recipe! If you like tofu and pesto I would try it out!!

Have a great day 🙂 linking up with Laura and Jill today!


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