What I Ate Wednesday #62

Happy hump day?? hah I never really got excited by Wednesday because in the morning you still have 3 FULL days left and then by night you still have 2 full days. When I was still taking college classes I had the worst Tu/Th most semesters so I just got excited by the end of Thursday since that is usually when my weekend started.

Now that I read and write in the blog world though I ALWAYS look forward to Wednesdays. It is the best, I look forward too (probably a little too much) reading about what others are up too and eating! Aren’t we all a little curious as to what others are putting in their mouths? What fad diet they are following or not following, what new health food product did they buy into and does it actually taste as good as it claims?

I find it funny when someone people (many) review a product and claim it to be awesome, amazing, tasty, just like x/y/z flavor or treat and then never eats it in the daily or weekly eats. I have won quite a few things in my days via other blog giveaways, which I am thankful for because free food and products are awesome, (but) that are just plain nasty. Like hmmm, what did you really think about this product? did you really like it ? or just wanted to please someone?

I won something recently that Shane wanted to try and he was drinking/eating (I don’t want to say what it was because I only won it) and he looks at me and asks “do I have to finish this?” I laughed and said no, because he knows I hate wasting stuff but it was not good.

So anyways, that little rant was not planned but I find it very true, let me know if that has happened to you? It is just so disappointing when someone raves about something to be awesome and then you get it, after entering 1000009 times (or as many as your allowed too) and actually win, and it turns out to be horrible so that you don’t want it anymore. #FAIL

Well I am here to recap some food I LOVE, I eat very similar things a lot because I love certain flavors and would never lie about how things taste so here is what I enjoyed yesterday!


Snack (Pre gym): Coffee, plantains with almond butter, dark chocolate espresso beans

Breakfast (post gym): Random smoothie- 1/2 Plantain, 1/2 sweet potato, 1 tsp vanilla, 1/2 suja protein drink (super yummy), cinnamon blended together then I mixed in quinoa/barley and topped with some granola and blueberries plus 1 slice marathon bread with chocolate almond butter and chocolate chips folded into a sandwich

IMG_4200 IMG_4201 IMG_4202

Lunch:  butternut squash soup with veggies and carrots with hummus


Snack(s): Target Cashew caramel trail mix/ pita chips and guac / an extra cup of coffee 🙂

Dinner:  spinach lasagna, pinto beans/onions, and sauteed veggies (zucchini, peppers, and tomatoes) and my other 1/2 sweet potato eaten separately with coconut butter and tahini


Dessert: Cinnamon Roll Ice Cream with Kashi cinnamon crunch granola and broken pb cups plus pretzels and coconut dark chocolate almond butter (because I was still hungry)



So there you have it! Basically what I ate yesterday. Minus a dark chocolate kiss or two 🙂 So I hope you enjoyed reading about what I ate, it was all yummy. Have a great Wednesday, but don’t get too excited about the weekend yet because there is still 2-3 more days depending on when you read this!


5 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday #62

  1. Your eats look delicious! I love butternut squash soup and totally top mine with pumpkin seeds etc. I tried the Suja the other day actually and couldn’t stomach it lol. My stomach started to hate me and asked why I was torturing it. My best friend loves the stuff though so I think it might just be me 🙂


    1. what flavor suja did you try?? I don’t like all of them and actually think this one is pretty sweet but also really good (maybe I like sugar haha- totally love sugar actually) It was my first time making butternut squash soup but it was awesome!


      1. I tried the almond milk, banana, protein powder and cinnamon one. It was just too gritty and not sweet enough for me 😦


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