Thinking Out Loud (#26) : In a good place

Hello, hello! Finally able to get excited about the weekend 🙂 because we are more than halfway through the week. I still love weekends because I get to see Shane (bonus- his spring break starts Friday! so I will actually get to see him more than 2 days on the weekend) and my mom is home more but otherwise I actually enjoy every day. Something I wanted to update you all on/chat about today. Since I am just putting my thoughts out there today I am linking up with Amanda for Thursday Thinking out Loud!


Why I like everyday of the week? when it seems like everyone everywhere in every profession or stage of life are wishing for the weekend to come as soon as possible?! crazy right.

Well I like what I am doing right now, this is exactly the place I need to be in and what I needed for my sanity and happiness after a rough time at the end of college. I may not be following the typical path but I think I earned some time to figure things out for myself.

When I first came home it was a constant what job do you want, where are you going to work, you need to do this and this, blah blah blah. No one knows what is best for me besides myself. No one can tell you what you need, what job you should get, or what to do with your future.

I updated y’all before and what I am doing right now but just incase you are new: I graduated in December (3.5 years) so a semester early and loan free because I was a scholarship athlete (running), and am currently taking a nutrition course online (so fun! actually- I am really enjoying it) and nannying for a family 5 days a week (from 2-4 on normal days, longer if one parent has a business trip or something is home from school) and then i also babysit/nanny for a couple other families when they need it. I also do some computer/document work for my dad when I have time/in my free time.

favorite racing pictures, hopefully I can run some races soon!

I actually have a pretty busy schedule most days but am not resentful of any of it. I love the kids I watch and have fun hanging out with them. We play sports, talk, go shopping sometimes, I take them to practices, pick them up from school, cook the family dinner, etc. The four hours (plus) I am over there goes by so fast and it just a part of my schedule now. I don’t actually think of it as ‘work’ most days; which is the best kind of job! and the kind I hope to have for the rest of my life (not nannying but a job that does not feel like a job).

I am also working on getting my foot better and my IBD so that I am not always on a ridiculous amount of medicine. I have been eating a lot better at home and less stressed by a landslide. It has all been great for myself, nourishing my body, soul and sanity? I finally have time to focus on myself and it is great.

What sorta spurred these thoughts on my happiness right now was a friend asking me if I missed New Orleans at all. I really thought about it when she asked. In some ways I do miss my friends there, some are more like family, and, of course, I am missing the warm weather this winter but overall I know I was not a happy person there. Actually I was pretty miserable and complained a lot! Not the best me I could be. There is a HUGE difference in my attitude and just overall demeanor back at home, I am simply happy. I don’t have an extravagant life but I am doing things I enjoy and not because I have too.

I am staying true to myself everyday and that is very important. I don’t have it all figured out at 22 but I am doing what makes me happy right now and working my way towards a future I want and can be proud of. One step at a time, that’s how life works.

Anyone else felt criticized for not following a normal path?


3 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud (#26) : In a good place

  1. I think that staying true to yourself and doing what you love is better than following someone else’s idea of a good life, even if it means you’re doing things a little differently. I gave in to outside pressure when I was younger, and ended up wasting way too many years of my life on things that made me miserable. Thankfully I ‘woke up’ a few years back and started doing things my own way. Best.decision.ever.


    1. yes so true! We all spend years listening to our parents, who do so much for us and make us who we are but still ‘control’ us then I went to college ‘freedom’ but was constantly trying to prove myself to my coach and being owned by a scholarship (Though I loved running sometimes the mental aspect of being coached is tough!) and now I am finally about to completely be myself and I won’t let others make me feel like I am less than I am because of my choices! I am happy the majority of the time and it’s a great feeling 🙂


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