Weekly Workouts #49 & upcoming races

Hello there! I know I missed the last couple weeks of workout recaps. I was busy traveling and what not and did not have a lot of computer time. Workouts were also pretty boring since I was busy with work in Chicago and enjoying Universal Studios and the Florida weather 🙂 so not much exciting happened those weeks but I am back on the grind this week. Here is what it looked like:


Sat: indoor cycle class (60 min) + core
Sun: Body pump + elliptical (75 min)
M: Elliptical (75 min) + core
Tu: 4 mi treadmill run +1 mi walk (.5 to warm up .5 to cool down) + 45 min elliptical + bodyweight exercises (squats, push ups, lunges, dips, burpees)
W: 4 mi treadmill run + 1 mi walk (.5 to warm up .5 to cool down) + 30 min elliptical
Th: 4 mi run (am) + 25 min elliptical warmup Bodypump express (30 min) + core (pm)
F: Rest Day- did a core work video but thats it my legs were tired from the new body pump track we did and I went heavier in weights plus running a couple days in a row for the first time in months!
Sat: Lululemon Yoga + 45 min elliptical

Pretty heavy on the workouts but I am happy I Was finally able to run a little and pain free! I have been getting graston and a.r.t. done on my foot and it is really helping! It was also so nice out that I couldn’t help but run a couple days in a row, I took it slower than my normal pace though and still feel okay! I will be keeping up with 2 visits to the chiropractor twice a week for the next couple weeks to keep my foot going in the right direction.

I have read that 10 min of cross training can equal 1 mile if you are injured so that is what I am going by right now and trying to keep my cardio level up. I am not ready to give up racing and this ‘injury’ isn’t an ending injury, like I could run through it is I wanted but would rather take time off of running and get better sooner. (I haven’t run more than 15 miles in a single week since April 2014 and no more than 25 in a single month so this is pretty frustrating at this point!)

I am hoping to be able to run 1-2 half marathons in the next couple months. My main goal is the Zooma Annapolis 1/2 in May and then maybe another after that. I am actually considering signing up for the Rock N Roll DC Marathon in March 2016, prices are cheap right  now and that gives me a year to figure out my foot and train and I think it would be a really great experience! I will let you know if I sign up! The last race on the agenda right  now is the Run for the Wild Bronx Zoo race in NYC on April 25th. It is only a 5k so no big deal I will most likely not race it but just run it. My mom wants to do it since i mentioned it awhile ago so why not!

So that is all I think I have to update you on in the running/workout category! I am really trying to maintain my cardio levels right now so I can run a decent race in a couple months, hopefully!

Are you running any of those races?? or have any fun race suggestions?


2 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts #49 & upcoming races

  1. Oh my I could have written this same post! I have been rehabbing a foot injury the past two weeks and was finally able to run today. I want to race next week…so I’m hoping to be healed by then. The elliptical has become my best friend (not so fortunate) but I’ve also gotten a lot a reading done on the bike hahaha
    It sucks not being able to run, but I appreciated my job SO MUCH MORE today because I hadn’t done it in a week 🙂
    Good luck with your races!


    1. thank you so much! I hope your injury heals too! They are such a pain in the backside! I take my iPad and read blogs while I am on the elliptical/bike and then answer emails once I am done those! I’ve gotten way too good at it! Earlier in college I watched all the seasons of Cake Boss on Netflix too, lol. WAY TOO MUCH TIME ON THOSE THINGS. I definitely appreciate even short runs much more now, since I used to run 8ish miles a day!


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