Meal Plan for the Week #13

Hello, how is your weekend going? Ready for another week?? I am! Almost to Spring!!!

Not too much going on over here this week out of the ordinary. Shane is on spring break so he is with us until Tuesday then heading home to get ready for a race on Friday. He is going to Wake Forest to run a 3k Steeple unattached. Another one of his teammates is going with him to run a 5k too. I thought about getting off work to go with them but it jut didn’t make sense. They are going down just to race and head back, So I have my usual 5 6 day work week (Monday to Saturday) of nannying/babysitting.

I did most of the grocery shopping Friday last week (Sams Club and Whole Foods) since I had some time and then my mom finished the rest.

Smoothies with toppings
Yogurt, berry, and granola bowls
Nut butter and banana sandwiches

Lunches: (usually I decide based off what is in the fridge)
snack plates

Fruit- oranges, baked plantains, berries
carrots/pretzels and hummus
Trail mix
Protein/snack Bars

-Steak(for mom and Shane) with roast veggies and sweet potato fries plus tofu for me
-Tuna with cauliflower rice and sweet potatoes/leftover veggies
-Veggie Pizza with a side salad
-Out to eat- Lebanese Taverna
-Leftovers with a big salad

Not sure how the end of the week will play out so this is a little tentative but pretty sure we will stick pretty closely too it! I never exactly plan out the weekends either, they are up in the air, like yesterday (Saturday) I ended up getting Fresh Market sushi for lunch (eaten at the nail salon) and then a Whole Foods hot bar salad for dinner to take with me babysitting. Not planned but it is what worked! Life happens.

We were going to get Lebanese Taverna on Wednesday after getting pedicures but then we got those yesterday afternoon, where I ate my sushi. I now want some Lebanese food though so I am still going to ask to get it 🙂 I am working again all week so I won’t get home until 6:15 each night so prep had to be done early. Tonights dinner is the steak and tofu plus we will roast up lots of extra veggies for the week! Also, we will bake sweet potatoes for the week (just working on my tan, right?) and I bought a 3 LB bag of baby carrots last on Friday… just because we have three different kinds of hummus, of course.

Linking up with Jill and Laura today! Have a great day!


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