MIMM: Weekend Recap

Hello! Hope you are having a great day so far! I am linking up with Katie for MIMM because I had a great weekend I wanted to tell you all about! So lets start by rewinding to Friday.


Friday wasn’t ALL that exciting but it was nice and relaxing. In the morning I slept in a bit and did a core video before Shane came over for an hour or so before he had to leave for NYC. After he left I went to Sam’s Club to do some grocery shopping and picked up my sisters glasses at the eye dr. Later, I got off work a couple hours early since two kids were at friends’ for sleepovers and the oldest daughter had her own friend over. So I picked them up from school, drove carpool down, stopped at their house for a little bit with the two girls and went on the zip line, then took them home and I was done! I then headed to Whole Foods and grabbed a few things, dinner for Saturday plus a couple other items and went home. My mom went out for drinks with a friend so I started prepping dinner and she cooked it all when she got home. We put on The Hobbit and enjoyed the night on the couch.

Saturday I woke up and went to yoga at Lululemon, which was a great class! After yoga I went to the gym for a quick cardio session and headed home. I had a late breakfast at home (I ate some Irish Soda bread, dark chocolate espresso beans and coffee before yoga too!) and a second cup of coffee and chatted with my mom before showering and getting ready for the day.

From 1-3 pm I went to a Sugar Freedom workshop at my favorite yoga studio (Ruah) which was about sugar addiction. The workshop was fun, I went to learn more about sugar addiction just because I love learning about nutrition and what not. We learned about the 6 forces behind sugar addiction, like what drives us to crave sugar so much and then she had us each create one goal to work on that will help with cravings and help the body in general.

My goal or action is to eat dessert as my second daily snack instead of late at night dinner. So I will be replacing my 6pm snack after work and eating my dessert instead AND then NOT eating dessert after dinner at 845/9pm. The reasoning for this is because as it gets later our digestion and metabolism slows down so the food just sits there; it is not ideal for someone with an IBD to have undigested sugar when going to sleep and it can disrupt sleep. Also, sugar is the first thing our bodies want to digest so they halt the digestion of all the good food we ate for dinner when we give out bodies sugar RIGHT after dinner. By eating my dessert first, because I know long term I would not be able to swear off sugar and dessert all together, I am allowing my body to digest sugar first like it naturally will without interrupting it from digesting dinner, also it will be while digestion is a little stronger too. Win- Win!

After that I went home and then immediately headed back to with my mom. We went to Fresh Market, where I got a late lunch of sushi and she picked up Sunday dinner meat, then Athleta for a friends and family sale! Next stop was pedicure and after that to pick up the dry cleaning. We were finally back home by 5 and my head hurt so badly! I popped some Advil and laid down with an ice pack on my head until I had to leave to babysit. The rest of the night was spent watching the kiddos and the lego movie! It was a late night for the parents out with friends, I was there until past midnight.

Sunday! Sunday morning I went to the gym to get in a workout (4 mi run plus weights) before heading off to DC (Georgetown) for a Macaroon and Cupcake tour with Shane. It was my Valentine’s Day present from my mom and we finally scheduled the tour. Funny, the day after my sugar addiction work shop right?? The tour was from 1-3 so we left my house by 11:30 to make sure we got there in time to park and get to the meeting location. We visited two cupcake shops (Sprinkles and Georgetown Cupcake, 3 macaroon shops (Olivia Macaroon, Macaron Bee and Dean and Deluca) and one shop for fudge (Thomas Sweet). Can you say sugar rush??


After the tour we headed on our way home where my mom was prepping (most of) dinner. I helped out once we got home and Shane went for his run since he slept in that morning. Shane and my mom had Steak Frites for dinner and I had my moms leftover drum from Saturday night and we all made a big salad! Plus, we watched Mocking Jay since Shane had not seen it.

All in all it was a great weekend. I am glad Shane didn’t have to rush back to school last night and will be with us another day! Yay! Today is another work day for me though but he will be able to get a track workout in while I am gone so it all works out!

Have a great day! Anyone ever done a dessert tour anywhere? It is offered in Multiple cities (here)!


One thought on “MIMM: Weekend Recap

  1. I think a dessert tour is a GRAND idea! Even better would be a donut tour. God I love donuts.
    Sugar addiction is probably something I have, but that’s because it’s biologically innate. We run on glucose…so technically we all should be addicted to it. It’s so weird to think about!


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