Thinking Out Loud #27

Hello, hello! How are you today? Hopefully doing well! I am doing some Thinking Out Loud with Amanda today so I can gonna start some random rambles 🙂


1. I only have one week/two classes left of my Personal Nutrition class/certification. The course has been really great. It is super nice that the lectures are live so there is a lot of interaction with questions and we are able to type in the answers, but also they post the recordings the next morning so we are able to rematch/listen too it! They also post the sides that pop up on the screen while the instructors are talking. Also, they called me yesterday from Ireland! That’s one heck of a long distance call!

2. I bought tahini last week… tried it plain and it is NASTY! hah but I have been adding it to a lot of savory foods I make, like garlic spiced mashed sweet potatoes and a tofu flavoring I made and all that was good! But I am not a fan of it by itself, I don’t know how some people do it!

3. I tried my first acai bowl from Robeks on Wednesday and it was awesome! I have tried acai smoothies a couple times and wasn’t a huge fan, it wasn’t bad but not my favorite, but this bowl was sooooo yummy! I took it home and added peanut butter protein powder and some blueberries to it and devoured it! YUM! I wish we had more smoothie places in Annapolis!


4. Last night my mom had dinner plans so I was on my own for dinner, well it turned out the family I nanny for wanted me to pick up Panera for them and said to get myself something too! It worked out perfectly! After making dinner two nights in a row for two households I was kinda burned out and needed an easy night and treated myself to a Coddlestone pastry while waiting for them to finish soccer… yes it is not good for you but I rarely eat store bought pastries.


5. I went through a bunch of my old running/ field hockey stuff again and gave big bags to the girls that I nanny. They LOVED it! plus extra bonus that I cleared up some space in my drawers, it was stuff I no longer wore or never wore so I am glad they went to a good home!

6. Now that sports have started up for the kids I woke later each night, not a problem at all (heck I get paid more) but means less time to make dinner at home and busier nights. I get off at 630/730 depending on the day. They are BUSY kids! Both girls are doing two sports each (lacrosse and soccer), the middle girl does acro/gymnastics too, plus piano lessons, and the boy does lacrosse too! Hard to keep up with their schedule. I thought I was a busy kid but this is crazy.

7. Miss Shirley’s Annapolis (menu here) has COFFEE pancakes this month and I have to try them! After I saw the instagram I screen shot it and send it to my mom and Shane telling them we had to go! I think we are going to go this weekend! YUMM, minus the chocolate covered bacon- I will be passing on that one! I suggested we split the pancakes and omelette of the month!

8. We (my mom, sister and I) all signed up for the Run for the Will 5k. It supports the Bronx Zoo and you get free Zoo tickets with the race entry fee! It is April 25 so we will go up to NY on Friday. Wooo a race! I haven’t decided how I will be running it because my foot still has some pain and issues so I will probably just run it at a comfortable fast pace.


9. It might SNOW tomorrow! Like WHATTTTT?!?!?! It was close to 70 earlier this week and now snow? Go away winter your over! Blahhh, I don’t want anymore cold weather. I am really going to struggle in Rhode Island next winter, aren’t I??

10. I got a dog sitting job next week, the week after that and then the week after that one! For two rescue dogs in my neighborhood! Just working on my dog skills for when I get my own 🙂 hah, I really want a puppy!

Well that is all that I have for you today, I felt like I had more but I guess not! I like being able to update you on the randoms (super random this week) happening in life that do not require a full post so thank you Amanda for the opportunity to do so!


5 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #27

  1. I have never personally tried tahini, but it has been something I have been interested in trying it. Good to know that I need to add it to things and not just have it on its own!

    I have tried acai bowls before, and I am not a fan! Strange, but ehhh, I am a strange person.

    COFFEE PANCAKES? I am so intrigued, and I want some.

    I hope you have a great rest of your Thursday!


    1. I cannot wait to try the pancakes! Saturday cannot come fast enough 🙂 Some people like tahini on it’s own but I found it nasty! just bitter I guess is how I would describe it haha. Have a great day too!


  2. Coffee pancakes? That could either be really good, or too much coffee as I would be drinking it alongside the cakes 🙂 You’ll have to let me know how they are! I think it’s great that those kids do sports. Way too many parents just sit their kid in front of a screen. It’s not good. I was a volleyballer myself and feel so fortunate to have gotten into exercise early. It solves life problems 🙂


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