Friday Favorites #7

Hey there, I totally meant to get a Friday Favorites post up last week but that did not happen. C’est la vie! If you haven’t noticed I have been posting pretty regularly. Definitely more so than I did at school- my usual schedule is:

Sunday: Meal Planning
Monday: Meatless Monday or MIMM
Tuesday: No post
Wednesday: WIAW
Thursday: TOL
Friday: no post or Friday Favorites
Saturday: Workout recap/’injury’ update

Not a bad plan for the week(s), I want to get more quality/informational posts out there though and have a super yummy salmon recipe I want to post too! So hopefully I get that up SOON!

Back to what I am here for today though! I wanted to give y’all some of my favorite Fitness Items! All of these I love 100% or else I wouldn’t recommend them and I bought them all myself and don’t get anything for telling you all I love these products, I just do!

Fitness Apparel 
Shorts: Nike pro spandex – these are awesome for running in the hot summer weather because they don’t get heavy like shorts do when you are sweating a lot in the summer! I own like 8 pairs of these!

sorry it's from instagram... pre run photo
sorry it’s from instagram… pre run photo

Lululemon Run Speed Shorts: I like to wear these to the gym usually and when I am running errands and it is hot out. The fabric is super comfortable and sweat absorbent. I love the cute patterns too and these is a mini pocket in the back.

Crops: Lululemon Wunder Under Crops – I find these great for yoga since it is hard to do inversions once you get sweaty it is nice to have something that won’t slip on(shorts don’t work well). I also own like 8 pairs of these and love love love them! I wear them everywhere from the gym to shopping and out when the weather is nice.

Shoes: Nike lunar fly knits – I love these! I currently have the 2’s which they no longer make but will probably get the 3’s at some point. I love them as gym shoes. I also have Mizuno’s that I run in too but will also run in these for now!

my first pair!

Watch: Timex Ironman 50 Lap – I have had 3 of these watches now! I wear it every single day and everywhere, I never take it off basically. Super easy to use, comfortable, comes in cute colors and not clunky!


Short sleeve shirt: Nike legend V neck – I have a bunch of these shirts! I bought 3 at the outlets then my coach ended up getting us Tulane ones, which I was so happy about! They are great, loose but not big and super comfortable!


Tank Top: Lululemon 105 F Singlet – I love this because it is loose fit and the fabric is nice and light! Though it is a bit pricy for a tank top it was worth it.

Sports Bras: Nike Pro Classic – We got these from school for free to wear but I owned some way before that. It has the perfect amount of support for running in my opinion. We didn’t get the pretty colors that the website has now.

Flow Y Bra IV – I also have quite a few of these ones too! I wear them to yoga and under tank tops a lot! It is padded so I don’t like to really wear them running but they are cute.

A Hot day wearing a blue flow y bra!
A Hot day wearing a blue flow y bra!

So these are items I buy and wear and hopefully next week I will get up my favorite home gym items! Hope you liked hearing about what I wear and when! As you can tell I love Lululemon and Nike as my fitness brands. I have found them both to be great quality and comfortable!

I am linking up today for Friday Favorites and what I am loving with Heather, Katie, and Clare!


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