Weekly Workouts 3/15-3/21

Hello everyone! Happy Weekend! Any big plans? I have another busy one. Busy eating Coffee pancakes from Miss Shirley’s that is 🙂 CAN NOT WAIT! We are going today around lunch time because we want to miss the crazy mid morning crowd.

S: 4 mi run + weights + core
M: 2.35 mi + 50 min elliptical
Tu: 65 min elliptical
W: 3.5 mi run + 45 min elliptical + core
Th: Body pump express + 75 min elliptical
F: 60 min elliptical + core
Sa: Yoga class

Pretty typical week for me, I am getting into a good routine with a lot of variety! I meant to get one more day of weights in this week but just wasn’t feeling it Tuesday so I skipped them, it happens.

I also bought a groupon yesterday for 10 yoga classes at a new studio, which I am pretty excited to try out! They have a lot of classes that work with my schedule and will make me go to 2-3 classes a week since it has to all be used in a 30 day period. My mom is also considering buying the deal too so we can go together!

That is all I got for today! Time to chow down on some coffee pancakes! NOM! 🙂

Any good/fun/exciting weekend plans?


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