Weekend Recap: MIMM #3

Hey there, sad the weekend is over? I am just happy that there is no snow in the forecast for this week! Please be done, Mother Nature, it is almost April!

Can you believe it is almost April???! CRAZY. I feel like March just started. Seesh. At least that means summer is drawling near. Summer cannot come soon enough!

So what I did this weekend? It was a good one if you ask me. I did not have to nanny on Friday so I had some time to get a few things organized at home.

Friday- I started the morning with a chiropractor appt to work on my foot then got a workout in. The weather was nasty (snowing! on the first day of spring) so I tidied up around the house instead. I went through a big dresser of arts and craft stuff to take some things over to the kids I nanny, they love that stuff right now. We also washed the sheets and towels since both my mom and I were home. I also organized some of my room and bathroom stuff and cleaned out emails. Once my mom was done work we went and picked up her car from Toyota then went to Lebanese Taverna for dinner (told you we would get there last week!) After dinner we went to the mall to see Cinderella! It was SO good! By the time we got home it was past 9 so we got the coffee made for Saturday and watched some TV (aka my mom read her book and I looked at emails/blog stuff).

m'saka, falafel, grape leaf, hummus, baba gannouche, tabbouleh, and pita! yum
m’saka, falafel, grape leaf, hummus, baba gannouche, tabbouleh, and pita! yum

Saturday- I wanted to sleep in a bit but was up by 7:45 am. I took my extra time to enjoy my coffee, some espresso beans and plantains with almond butter before going to yoga at Lululemon. I got back home around 10:30 and showered and got ready for brunch.

We headed out to Miss Shirley’s around 11:30 and when we got there it was still a 50 min wait! SESSH. So we waited in the bar area for our table. Luckily our food came super quick after we ordered it. My mom and I split the salmon omelette which came with grits and a biscuit plus we got a side of fried green tomatoes and I got the Coffee Pancakes! (of course) my mom had a bite of those too but not much. The food was awesome! I usually don’t like to brave the crowds at places like that (there is always a super long wait) but I really wanted those March Coffee pancakes.

IMG_4263 IMG_4264
After brunch lunch we went to walk around a Holistic Health Fare going on, fun stuff, it was interesting, a wide variety of businesses there! Then after that it was time to run errands. We went to the Harbor center first so my mom could return something and I went into The Fresh Market to get some coconut dark chocolates for Shane’s dad for Easter. Next was the Towne Center to go to Target and Whole Foods. We also stopped into Anthropologie where my mom got two shirts and I got cute summer cloth napkins on sale! That took up most of our afternoon that by the time we got home I only had an hour before I had to babysit. So we put everything away and I got my stuff together to head out. I worked until 11:30 pm and went to bed as soon as I got home!

Sunday- Slept in a bit, yay! I was up around 8:45 am and hung out for a bit drinking coffee and eating more plantains with almond butter. Great way to start the day! I headed out around 9:45 to go to the gym. Not my morning I guess though because I locked my locker with the key still inside my bag :/ after my workout I had to get them to cut my lock, it was a good one too.


I headed into Whole Foods again to pick up some sesame oil to make the noodles for Shane for dinner and wandered around a bit before checking out and heading home. I ate a bar on the way home too and started on dinner and lunch for myself. Leftover pancakes, greek yogurt and berries it was since I only had a small amount of food before the gym. I spent the next 60-90 minutes in the kitchen working on various things: sesame noodles, pan frying plantains, doing dishes, making mint chocolate muddy buddies (yum) all while listening to Shakira. Good tunes if you ask me.

Finally I decided it was time to shower then finish the last load of laundry before going to meet Shane at Volvo. He is having car problems again, there is a leak in the front window or something. The carpets get wet, when it was super cost the inside of the windows froze, and he has to be careful of mold. Volvo replaced the windshield only two months ago or so so they are super frustrated. Shane then needed to pick up a framed track/xc poster for his dad and a few things at Giant before we headed home.

After that not much happened, we did some other Sunday chores- took recycle/trash out, folded laundry, ran the dishwasher after dinner, plus ate dinner and watched an episodes of criminal minds! I had to take Shane back to school at 7:30 and then headed home to watch some more criminal minds and work on some posts!

Pretty good weekend! Now today I am back to the chiropractor this morning and nannying in the afternoon. My mom will be home early from her work meeting so we will have more time to make something yummy for dinner!


Today I am linking up with Katie for MIMM.

Feel free to share anything fun you did this past weekend?! I love to hear how other people spend their free time.


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