Thinking Out Loud #28

Hey everyone, it is Thursday, you know what that means! Almost to the end of the week AND Thinking Out Loud with Amanda! Wooo, lets get the party started! Shall we?


1. Only 5 days until one of the best friends from Tulane comes to visit me! Tulane’s spring break starts tomorrow so one of my former teammates/best friends is coming to visit from Tuesday-Monday. He will be with us for Easter too. Hopefully he has a good time! I wish the weather was going to be a bit better for his visit but oh well. I am also dog sitting for the first two days he is here. (from Sunday-Thursday so the end over laps) but he likes walks and has two dogs at home too so it is not a big deal.

photo 310325590_10152427959943115_563915373290310895_n

2. I finished my nutrition course yesterday! So crazy I feel like I just started it. It went by so fast, I can’t wait to learn more about health and wellness. I really enjoyed doing the classes and taking the quizzes so that helped me know this is the right direction I want to head in career wise.

3. I have that salmon recipe I mentioned previously all ready to go for tomorrow! It really is so good and one of my favorites now! Hope you check back in to see it!


4. My mom and I have plans to do a Friday night yoga class together! I should be off work a little early and we have passes for a free class so we are planing to check it out for a hot vinyasa flow class at 5pm.

5. Anyone watch Pretty Little Liars? I binge watched it last summer and am all caught up watching the current season and I just wanna know how it ends! Like who the heck is A? A new character they are introducing?? not cool! I also find the gossip girl tweets that it is her hilarious.

6. Is it spring time yet? Oh wait, it is… the weather has not gotten memo yet though. It has been pretty cold this week! Like 30 in the morning/nights. Lame. I want sun!

7. I have to get bloodwork done tomorrow 😦 wahhh. It is for my GI doctor but I am going to see my normal doctor to get my feet looked at and figured I would have them do my blood for the other doctor while I was there. I also have a chiro appt Friday for my foot and babysitting/nannying for two different families midday. It is a busy one!

Well that is about it for today. I am ready to call it a night and watch some criminal minds! (typing this up Wednesday night) So I hope you have a great day!

Anyone else watch PLL? and see the finale on Tuesday?


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