Weekly Workouts 3/22-3/28 & Unexpected Compliments

Hey there! How are you? I am always at a loss on how to start my posts so I start with the simple.

Today I wanted to check in with my workouts from the past week! I should really start a draft of this earlier in the week because I struggle to remember what I did sometimes! I know I should keep better track but I only really track my running. C’est la vie!

S: 3.5 mi run + 30 min bike
M: 75 min elliptical + core
Tu: 45 min elliptical + Body Pump
W: Intervals on the Elliptical-65 min total + core work
Th: 5.5 mi walk/run (about 4.5 actually running) + Body pump express + core work
F: Hot Vinyasa Yoga (dang was I sweaty from this! Apparently the theme of the month is handstands so we spent a lot of time trying different ways to get in that)
Sa: 60 min cycle class

Not a bad week! I mentioned last week I signed up for a 5k in New York with my family in a few weeks! Well I also signed up for a Spartan Race in Md on August 1st. I won it in a giveaway and am so excited to run it! Now I just need to stay healthy so that I can have some fun races! I think yoga really helps  me stay healthy and will continue to practice 1-2 times a week plus do my foot and hi exercises.

Now you might still be wondering about the unexpected compliments part of my title… well if you read my TOL post on Thursday I told y’all I had a doctor appointment Friday and had to get some blood work done. Well the nurse had a little bit of trouble finding my veins… didn’t used to be an issue and said that I was so muscular it was blocking (thick skin?) my veins from popping out.

It is not every day I am called muscular and it was a nice compliment! I have had a variety of comments over the years about how I look or how I have changed yet muscular is not often the term used. My chiropractor has told me for years how ‘fit’ and ‘strong’ I am but never used the term muscular. I have been told my coaches how ‘lean’ and again ‘fit’ and by non-runner understanding people (those who think it is the worst sport for humans blah blah blah) that I am too skinny. Then when I am/was injured that oh you’ve gained weight, oh your not running are you, and even the you’ve gained weight you look good… while being injured. Not that gaining weight is a bad thing, it is good for repair but people don’t need to remind you! Plus because I was on prednisone my face and fingers got VERY puffy and that never really went away. I could have outlined abs and yet my cheeks would be like fat chipmunk cheeks… that is the life of steroids for some people and I accept it because my UC has spent the majority or the last year in remission.


Well since I have not consistently been able to run for almost a year now, yeah that long, I have in fact gained weight. I like to eat, even if it is mostly healthy when you stop running 60+ miles a week that happens. I am not afraid of calories or any macronutrient and  since I have not been racing I have been working really hard to get stronger so it is exciting to have someone say that! Shane just laughs at me when I say I have gotten stronger but it is true. Since January alone I am about 5 lbs heavier but not any differently shaped, aka not just fat, my arms are bigger when I flex and my legs feel stronger! Muscle weights more than fat so that makes sense.

Weight is just a number and I don’t actually weight myself just when I go to the doctors and they do it. My weight has fluctuated a lot over the last two years but that is just a number and doesn’t define me as a person at all or impact how I feel about myself. The body can do amazing things and you aren’t defined by any one. I was a fast runner, I was a talented field hockey player, I am a great baked and cook, I am compassionate, I love yoga, I can get overly stressed out and now I am strong. I am proud of all those things and I hope they continue to change, come and go, whatever is supposed to happen will happen. Our passions and goals change and grow as we do and I look forward to continuing my journey whether that is more lifting, more running, more yoga, or something non-fitness related.

I hope y’all stay along for the journey! I am not entirely sure where it is going to take me but I will always stay true to myself and follow my passions.

Linking up with Katie and Jill for Fitness Friday.


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