Meal Plan #15

Hey guys, sorry I am getting here late today! I didn’t get to this post yesterday since I had a busy day.

I slept in, enjoyed coffee and breakfast then hit the gym. After my workout I spent an hour trying to find a brunch spot with Shane’s mom for 10 of us on Easter Sunday. We are a bit late to the planning so it was a struggle. After we got that figured out I finally showered and got dressed, checked the mail, updated my calendar ate some lunch and around 2:30 Shane and his parents picked me up. He had a track meet so we went to a late lunch for them ( I just enjoyed the company and more than half of shanes sweet potato fries, of course). Shane was exhausted so he watched sports on the couch while I made these noodles and this banana bread. We went out and got Whiplash at a redbox and watched that during dinner. It was really good!


So basically no computer time happened and I wouldn’t change that. So luckily this week is already pretty planned out!


Breakfasts: smoothies, yogurt bowls, banana bread

Lunches: leftovers, chipotle, sweet green, BGR (burger place), out to eat on Easter

Snacks: fresh fruit, bars, banana bread, trail mix

Dinners: Blue Apron- Pan-Seared Chicken Verjus,Chile-Blackened Cod, Roasted Japanese Sweet Potatoes (3 meals)
Sushi at Tsunami
Salads with leftovers

Today I am linking up with Jill and Laura.


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