Get to Know Me Better Survey

Hello, hope you Monday is off to a great start!

Since I updated you all on my Saturday yesterday and Sunday was not all that exciting- gym, mall, Shane’s haircut, target, Criminal Minds episode, dog walking, eat x4… I thought I would do this fun survey that Ashley from A Lady goes West filled out last week! So here it is.

1. What’s your whole name?

Paige Scott Callahan

2. Are you named after anyone?

Yes I am, my middle name is also my dad’s and my great grandmothers, we are named after Brevet Lt. General Winfield Scott.

3. Do you have any siblings?

Yes, I have one older sister who lives in NJ and works in NYC in digital advertising.

Christmas PJ's!
Christmas PJ’s!

4. Where did you grow up?

Eastern Shore (Centerville) Maryland

5. What activities did you do in high school?

What did I not do?? hah. I ran track, played field hockey, played indoor field hockey, was in the Environmental Club, Model UN, and on the school newspaper.

6. Where did you go to college?

Tulane University, where I just finished up in December 2014

7. What activities did you do in college?

I ran… a lot! I also liked to tan and hangout with friends… and run. lol. plus I babysat/dog sat and worked for athletics.

these are my favorite running pictures :)
these are my favorite running pictures 🙂

8. What did you study in college?

I was an Environmental Studies major and International Development minor. They were both super interesting and I feel like I learned a lot about being a better steward and how to make an impact on the world or in the case of the environment, not make an impact.

9. What was your first job out of college?

Well since I am just out of college I guess that would be a nanny and now dog sitter? Not full time jobs but it is what I needed right now to take a break, figure out where I want to go next and make a bit of money at the same time.

10. What kind of music do you like?

Big Country fan! I will listen to a lot of things but country is my favorite.

Darius Rucker concert!! with Sam Hunt opening
Darius Rucker concert!! with Sam Hunt opening

11. What’s one hobby that you’d like to take up?

Hmmm I feel like there are so many things I want to do! I would love to coach girls on the run, I think inspiring young girls to run is AWESOME! Plus I got a paddle board last November so I want to try paddle board yoga and also would love to learn how to snowboard at some point.

12. What did you think you wanted to be when you grew up?

For a long long time I wanted to be a lawyer, I thought it was so badass, but then I changed my mind… I do not do well with stress and do not believe the career would make me happy. I worked in a law office one summer as an assistant/secretary and it was one of the longest summers I can remember, not in a good way.

13. What’s the biggest project on your to-do list right now?

Well I finished up my nutrition certification classes last week so now I just have the exam left to take, that is definitely one of the biggest things! We also just ordered my graduation announcements today, which was pretty high on the list of things to do. Also, apply for a couple internships over the summer (maybe).

14. Do you have any irrational fears?

Hmm… not really. I am not a huge fan of drops like in roller coasters but I am not alone in that. I think all my fears are pretty rational.

15. Have you ever traveled outside the country? If so, where and when?

Yes, lots of times! I have been to Mexico (2004?), England (summer 2003/2005), Whales (summer 2003), Italy (summer 2005), the Dominican Republic (summer 2013), Jamaica (2007), France (summer 2010) and Cyprus (summer 2011). This has all been over the last 10 years or so I don’t remember the exact years for all of them.

16. When’s your next vacation and where are you going?

Does graduation count as vacation? If so then I am going to New Orleans in May. No other trips set in stone by maybe Colorado or Oregon in June, either/or depending on if Shane makes nationals (if not his aunt is getting married in CO the same weekend).

17. Do you speak any other languages?

I speak a little bit of French, not too much though. I stopped taking classes two years ago because a teacher made it miserable for me.

18. What’s one talent that you wish you had?

I wish I could snowboard or ski really well! We used to go up once a year to the mountains but I just got so cold so fast that it was never fun and at once a year I never got much better. Snowboarding is also kinda similar to surfing, which I also wish I could do!

19. What’s something that you wish you did more of?

Yoga! I really wish I was more consistent with my practice, I am trying to get back into it but I can’t make maybe of the class times and I don’t practice well at home. I totally agree with Ashley on the saying no to sweet more too 🙂 I think most of us agree on that one!

20. If you weren’t in your current job, what would you want to be doing?

Well since I haven’t found a career job yet I will say what I am working towards- I am really interested in nutrition and want to be a full time health coach, I love to inspire people to work harder and better themselves. I also became spin certified in January and will start to teach once I get my foot problems under control. I would also love to get certified as a personal trainer at some point as well! I just really want to be in the health and wellness area and maybe gear towards sports nutrition.

this explains me pretty well – random faces and sweet treats!

Well I hope you liked learning a bit more about me! Feel free to answer any of the questions about yourself in the comments! I would love to learn more about you too 🙂

I am linking up for MIMM with Katie this Monday 🙂


3 thoughts on “Get to Know Me Better Survey

  1. Hi Paige! Thanks for doing the survey! I love learning more about you. Congrats on graduating, and I think it’s smart to take your time planning your next move. It’s awesome you’re getting into nutrition as well, because that will be super helpful for your life no matter what job you end up in. And YAY for country music! Have a great day, friend!! 🙂


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