Weekly Workouts 3/29-4/4

Gosh typing out that 4 for April was weird! CRAZY! Sorry I didn’t make it in the last two days but I been busy hanging out with my BFF from school!


It does not feel like April though, at least not completely (These April showers are  hopefully bringing the May flowers). Gosh this winter has made me miss NOLA! I cannot even begin to imagine how cold Rhode Island is going to be next winter, burr! It was actually really nice in DC on Thursday when we went to Great Falls Park and ran around the mall but never got as warm in Annapolis. All pretty fun stuff! But lets recap what I did this week.

S: 2.5 mi run + 1 mi walk + 15 min bike + weights
M: 65 elliptical + core
Tu: Bodypump + elliptical
W: 35 min run (4.68 mi) + 45 min elliptical
Th: hiking at Great Falls Park + running (4 ish) miles around the national mall -such a nice day out in DC! It was awesome to be able to spend the afternoon outside
F: 65 min arc trainer
Sa: Yoga

A bit more running than usual (!!!) but I wanted to run in a few places with my friend/old teammate from Tulane. We went to Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis on Wednesday and ran the paved trails and then ran downtown DC on Thursday (with my mom) around all the monuments. Both were fun and the days were really nice running weather. Then on Friday it was nasty and rainy so we did not do much besides sleep and eat, lol. He has a cold and was taking some medicine he didn’t even think to check if it was drowsy or not, so he took a super long nap Friday after lunch with my dad. While he (Kade- one of my best best friends from Tulane) napped I made this AWESOME banana bread.

That had nothing to do with workouts though, at least not really. So I will leave you on that note today, kinda short but that is what these posts are meant to be! I am watching the Army/Navy track meet today!

Have a great weekend! Linking up with Katie, Jill, and Jesica.


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