Easter Recap (MIMM) 2015

Hey guys! I sorta missed out on a few posts I normally do but if you are not new you saw/read that I had a friend visiting from Tulane for the last 6 days plus it was Easter!

So I am checking in with everything that went down! I told y’all about the hiking we did at Great Falls Park already and running downtown DC. Friday was a laid back day since the weather stunk so we just got sushi and froyo, nothing else worth noting really.

Saturday was the Army/Navy track meet! First Kade and I went to The Amish Market to pick up pretzels, breakfast logs, and donuts to eat 🙂 so so yummy! At the meet- Navy won again and Shane came in first in the 3k steeple! So we were all happy. The weather down on the water was so so so windy so no really fast races happened but the outcome was what was wanted. Kade and I left the meet a little early to meet my mom at a restaurant called Sin Fronterias for a late lunch. After that was a quick trip to Safeway and some naps once we got home. We had a relaxing night of dinner and tv.

taco salad with shrimp
taco salad with shrimp

Sunday was Easter Sunday! (obviously) My mom and I went to the gym on the earlier side then came back to eat all the candy. hah. We had some hard boiled eggs, banana bread, plantains, and… chocolate 🙂 balance right?

We went to mass on the later side so the morning was relaxed. 12:30 mass for us and 2 pm lunch downtown at Pussers, which is located at the Marriott hotel). It was buffet style and we all ended up sitting there for over two hours chatting. All fun. After lunch we took a few photos down by the water and headed home. Shane came over to open his Easter basket then took a nap before going back to school. Kade and I went on a run after I took Shane back and had dinner at 8:30 and dessert while watching TV and relaxing again.


All in all it was a great weekend! The weather held out after the rain Friday and wasn’t too cold. (so Thankful for that!) I am really glad Kade, one of my best friends, was able to visit me over his spring break as well and always thankful to spend Easter with good friends and family! I hope everyone else had a great weekend too. Today I am taking Kade to the airport in the morning, after a quick stop at Naval Bagels for breakfast then the gym and DC later in the day for dinner with good friends from San Francisco!

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