What I Ate Wednesday #66

Hello, happy Wednesday?! How is your week going? Recovering from Easter if you celebrate? We have SO MUCH chocolate and candy and baked stuff in our house right now, wayy too much! I have definitely eaten way too much sugar lately. I feel like I am not the only one though.

Well I am going to recap was eating food and sweets wise so hope you enjoy! I am now trying to cut back on sugar again but all the temptation around doesn’t help!


Pre gym: Coffee, dark chocolate espresso beans, some trail mix – you all know what this looks like by now so this is last weeks photo.


Breakfast: berry bowl with blueberries, kefir, pb protein powder, green powder, granola and coconut + banana bread


Lunch: Leftover Blue Apron components- japanese miso potatoes, cod, grapefruit, onion and avocado, sauteed kale, cashews and some bean salad


Snack: Fage greek yogurt, plantains and almond butter – confession, last weekend I TOTALLY forgot about my plantains in the oven and over cooked them but will not waste them!


Dinner: Salmon, butter lettuce, peppers, broccoli, Bok Choy, and sweet potato with coconut butter and cashew butter


Dessert: Caroline’s Cakes- so yummy! This one is a caramel carrot cake! plus some pretzel m&ms from an egg in my Easter basket.


Everything was so good. I am big on leftovers for lunch. I have had a busy week thus far and am exhausted so I am wrapping this WIAW up! Hope you have a great day!


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