Thinking Out Loud #29

Hey there! How are you this week?? Hopefully having better weather than we are! I feel like I say that all the time… April showers are here though and hopefully May brings LOTS of flowers because of it!

Well it is Thursday and as you can tell by my boring obvious title I am TOL with Amanda today! So lets hop to it.


1. It has rained so much this past week! (as I stated above) well I was dog sitting Tuesday-Wednesday and of course on Wednesday AM when I went out with the dogs it was not raining but as soon as we were halfway into the dog it started raining… a lot. Those dogs are slow too! I was soaked by the time we got back to the house. Not fun.

2. I stared my yoga groupon on Tuesday and went to class two nights in a row! Woohoo for yoga. I have 30 days to use my 10 classes and I will not let them go to waste! There is a ton of classes to choose from and it is only 5 minutes from my house.

3.  I really wanted to try these Nakd Nibbles! I keep seeing them all over twitter and they look so good!  I love Nakd bars so I think I will really like these too, but they are not on the US site 😦 wahhhh.

4. I actually turned down a babysitting job Friday. That is huge for me, I never turn down $$ but I already agreed to babysit Saturday both this weekend and next and Shane has off racing this weekend and turns in his capstone Friday so we are celebrating! That is more important than one night of making some money. We have plans to get sushi and rita’s (his favorite). It is still supposed to thunderstorm Friday otherwise we would’ve planned something outside but oh well.

5. I won balance bars and they came in the mail yesterday… I got 30 bars! Wooo. Didn’t realize it was that many! I am so excited and so is Shane. Plus I got a note pad, a tank and a bag.


6. Ran a bit too fast on Sunday night. Kade wanted to go for a quicker run and I didn’t want him to get lost so after I dropped Shane off at school we headed out and definitely was too fast for my foot. We started under 7 min pace, for sure, since we hit wind on the home stretch that slowed us down and our average was 7:05 for just under 5 miles… I definitely paid for it the next day. My foot hurt pretty badly :/ Luckily I was seeing the chiro on Tuesday and it is feeling back to normal now. This week I am stepping back from the running through, slow and steady seems to be winning right now.

7. My graduation announcements came in the mail! We made some on shutter fly instead of ordering the ones from school and they turned out great. Now I need to make labels and get them all stuffed to send out. Only a couple more weeks until I head down to New Orleans to walk at graduation!

8. I love my vitamix! I have been making smoothies a couple times a week and am always amazed at how fast it blends everything up and the power it has! Not regrets on that purchase.


Well that is all I got to share today! I cannot wait for a sunnier weekend and the ability to spend some time outside! Plus gardening and less expensive fresh berries! Yay for spring!

What is your favorite season? Mine is late spring/early summer!


3 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #29

  1. I’ll trade you rain for snow! Because that’s all we’ve been getting slight sprinklings of for the past couple of days 😡 Ahh well… it’s actually supposed to start warming up, so fingers crossed that it does! I like spring, but fall is probably my favourite season!


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