10 Food Swaps for Healthy Living

Hey there. Happy Friday??!! I am pretty excited for today because Shane and I have sushi plans tonight to celebrate him finishing and turning in his capstone! Wooo. He has been working on it non-stop for the last two weeks since he thought it wasn’t due until the end of classes then found out it was due today :/ ops. But he got it done!

So today I decided to link up/participate in Cortni’s 10 on the 10th this month! I participated way back in January here but I am back again with a second one! The theme this month is healthy living so I wanted to tell you all 10 healthy food swaps from what I ate as a kid to what I eat now. Boy have times changed!

1. Bagel Bites: Pretzels/Carrots and Hummus
Anyone else eat bagel bites almost daily as a kid? I used to go home with a friend after school and we would split a 9 piece box plus other snacks listed below. No concept of veggies as a kid unless my parents made me eat them. lol oh how times have changed.

been killin' the hummus over the past week!

2. Rice Crispy treats: Chex cereal usually eaten dry
Rice crispy treats are usually what accompanied those bagel bites if I am completely honest. They were just so good! Especially when they had the chocolate drizzled ones. Now I am just a fan of dry cereal as a snack, cereal can even be dessert for me! No need for those melted marshmallows and butter that make up the rice crispy treats.

3. Honey Buns: Homemade banana/pumpkin bread
So my mom actually refused to buy honey buns when I was a kid BUT my aunt always had them and on family vacations it was a free for all! We went through go many boxes of them. I don’t even wanna look at how much sugar are in those things now a day. I am a fan of my own homemade baked goods though with REAL ingredients.


4. Cosmo brownies: Mug cakes
Again something my mom never bought unless we convinced her at the dollar store to pick up a pack but friends would always have them at lunch and sometimes would trade my swedish fish dessert for half of a cosmo brownie. I am a chocolate person always and forever. Mug cakes are perfect now though, you can add protein powder to make it a better dessert and make single servings instead of a whole pan of brownies.

5. Dino nuggets: Beyond Meat products
Dollar store win! That was where we would find these 90% of the time and we always wanted them, basically until I gave up eating meat 4+ years ago. In some ways we never grow up πŸ™‚ I think I bought these for Shane last year too just to be funny. He loves when we get him “normal” food; I try to ease him into the healthy food thing so dino nuggets are a great day in his opinion. Beyond meat products have been great though! They have great ingredients, a good amount of protein and great taste (not too meaty in my opinion) I love them!

6. Gatorade: Vitamin Water zero/plain ole water!
I downed the gatorade as a kid, I think most people did. Now we know it isn’t necessary to have all those electrolytes (or sugar) found in those drinks. I look for no sugar drinks now and love water actually!

7. Kid’s Cuisine: Luvo meals
So there was definitely some in-between stages for this one. We used to make Lean cuisines (after the kid’s cuisine stage) a lot just because they were convenient and my mom actually still buys them for my sister (hey could be worse!) but I won a month supply of Luvo meals last summer and it was AWESOME! Even Shane says that was probably the best thing we have gotten in the mail. No meal disappointed (exept don’t try to microwave the flatbreads they will be soggy not crispy) and have a good ingredient list. We also went through the lunchables stage too, I loved the nachos :).

8. Soda (Vanilla coke for the win): Zevia/Kombucha
Gosh I was addicted to vanilla coke, I loved it so much, my mom didn’t buy it that much but trust me I found my ways. My BFF at the time and I would go buy them downtown or whenever we went places. We were so sad when they discontinued but I haven’t had any since they came back. I don’t really drink soda except I found I do like Zevia, which I feel okay about drinking 1-2 a week.I also drink Kombucha once a week or so and love it. Both of those satisfy the bubbly craving.

new kombucha flavor!
new kombucha flavor!

9. Dannon Drinkables: Kefir (plain)
LOVED dannon, actually Shane still loves it. But he will also drink the flavored kefir too, so usually I will pick that up for him instead since dannon drinkables has a lot of sugar and are so small! It was how my parents got us to eat yogurt as a kid though (also go-gurt too). My mom still finds kefir a little weird but eats yogurt daily and usually plain or the TJ’s ones. Personally I love kefir.IMG_0817

10. Gushers/Fruit by the foot/’Fruit’ snacks: real fruit!
I could crush packs of gushers when I was younger, or really any sort of fruit snack item but gushers were first choice. The kids I nanny for still eat fruit roll ups. I am not sure those contain any actual fruit though just a little bit of fruit flavoring. I now prefer fresh fruit all the way!


How is that for a big change towards healthy living?! I hope you enjoyed my life time swaps πŸ™‚ Make sure to check out the other 10 on the 10th posts!

Have a great Friday!

Have you made any big swaps since you were a kid? I would love to hear some! the 90s were a great time to be a kid with unique (unhealthy) foods.


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