Workout Recap 4/5-4/11

Saturday! How is your day going?? Weekend off to a good start? Get a good workout in this morning?! Ready, set, go! 🙂 The sun is finally out here so my mom and I have plans to spend the day doing the yard work!

Well I am here to check in with what I did on the workout front last week. I started my yoga Groupon at Annapolis Power Yoga so I will be going to classes there a couple times a week for the next 30 days! Cannot wait. I really love yoga (especially when combined with running).


S: run 35 min (4.93 mi)
M: Elliptical + core + weights
Tu: Elliptical + Vinyassa Power Flow
W: Buti Yoga + 3.5 mi walk/run combo + core work
Th: Elliptical + Body Pump express
F: Elliptical + Core
Sa: Indoor Cycle + yoga

So it was a good week I think, I did less running because my foot still hurt a little and I saw my chiro twice, plus the weather was crummy and rainy all week! Yuck. I started my yoga groupon and went to two classes in a row (Tuesday/Wednesday) and would’ve gone Friday but I was working all day and had my second chiro appt. I plan to go Sunday this week though and 1-2 more times during the week! I love hot (ish) vinyassa flow yoga!

Well I am off to enjoy the sunny day and work in the yard with my mom! Hopefully we have some vegetables growing soon!

What is your favorite type of yoga?? I get bored easily but love vinyassa flow/power yoga!

Linking up with Jill, Katie, and Jesica today.


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