Meal Plan #16

Hey there. I totally missed last weeks meal plan but we kinda winged it all week. It worked out in the end, just how it goes sometimes. We do have more motivation to make a plan for this week though now 🙂


Yogurt with fruit and granola
overnight oats

Lunch: Leftovers, eggs and veggies

Ahi Tuna with Stir Fry veggies and quinoa
Breakfast for dinner- Fresh Market Big Little Meal for April
Salads with Salmon
Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Snacks: plantains and nut butter, trail mix, fruit, carrots/pretzels and hummus, zucchini bread

Desserts: Warmed berries and nut butter, dark chocolate, Cadbury caramels (from Easter)

Not a bad week. We hit up the usual Sam’s Club and Trader Joe’s yesterday and picked up lots of fruit and veggies and then on Thursday I will go to The Fresh Market to pick up the breakfast for dinner deal! You get all the meal components for $20. This month includes a dozen eggs, english muffins, cheese, veggies, and a protein (we will get morning star veggie sausages instead of meat ones). It is a good deal!

Well I am off to enjoy the sunny and warm weather again today! Such a nice weekend! Hope you are having a good one too.

Linking up with Jill and Laura today.


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