Weekend Recap (MIMM)

Hey there, I can giving you all another glimse into my life today! So what did I do this weekend?? It was busy but fun!


Friday: Well not so exciting I worked from 9-5 but it wasn’t bad at all. The girls wanted to have their own cupcakes wars so that was fun! After work I had a chiro appt for my foot and then went home to meet Shane and go to sushi for dinner! We also got sweet frog afterwards too and ended the night with some criminal minds.


Saturday: Well Shane left around 8:30 for a workout then had to go to the Men’s Lacrosse game so he was gone all day long. I enjoyed my coffee at home before going to the gym and doing the arc trainer thing(I was gonna do spin but timing didn’t work out). I planned my timing so that I would leave the gym to go straight to power yoga at 11:30. It was an awesome class I was dripping! After yoga I headed home to figure out what my moms plans were. We both showered and got ready for the afternoon. We went to BGR The Burger Joint for lunch, which was REALLY good! I got the ahi tuna burger on a salad and my mom got the lamb burger on a salad plus we shared onion rings and sweet potato fries. We left very happy.


It was time to run errands- Ulta first (hello essie nail polish, urban decay makeup and bare minerals mascara), Nordstrum Rack (mom got new running shoes, plus we got nike socks, a yoga mat towel, and a yoga block), Marhsall’s (to return a bathing suit and I got a mason jar cup and some tea) then last was Trader Joe’s (for all the food, of course). We didn’t get back home until after 5pm. I had a snack, switched laundry, put stuff away and had to head out to babysit at 6:30. The parents didn’t get home until after midnight so I decided to not set an alarm for the morning.

Sunday: I woke up around 9 am, actually not as late as I thought I was going to sleep. I went upstairs for coffee and the sun was already out! A good sign. I didn’t leave for the gym until 9:30 so it was on the late side but Shane didn’t get back from his concert until 3 am! (!!!). I worked out then got a coffee, some new popcorn snacks at Target and some stinger waffles for Shane from my gym.IMG_4325

We had a late breakfast once I got home and I showered while he watched golf. Since it was so nice out we decided to go play mini golf. So much fun! (Shane won) We also stopped at Safeway on the way back home and at this point I wasn’t feeling great. We relaxed once we got home, ate lunch and watched more golf and did laundry. I sipped tea for the rest of the afternoon. Shane went back to school just after 5 and then it was a normal Sunday- food prep, trash and recycle, laundry, etc. I luckily felt better by dinner and had lots of veggies since most of the day was lacking in that department. We ended the night with a bit of TV and more tea.

That brings us to the end of the weekend! I have a busy week so I am happy we got meals planned out and I can turn in early tonight and get a good nights sleep.

Did you do anything fun this weekend? Do you like mini golf??


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