Which Food Must Go?

Hello there. How are you today?? I, myself, am doing pretty well. I have a fun quiz for you all today. So I hope you enjoy reading my responses. I saw this first on Rebecca’s and then Nicole’s blogs and thought I would join in on the fun! Some of these were tough choices. The game is- What Food Must Go? You only get to pick one of each option! food 1. Pancakes, Waffles, or French Toast? I would do out with the pancakes i that meant a waffle maker automatically appeared in front of me πŸ™‚ I like waffles more than pancakes but never make them because I don’t have a waffle maker! I also love french toast.

protein pancakes with blueberries, coconut, melon and oranges
protein pancakes with blueberries, coconut, melon and oranges

2. Pie, Cake, or Brownies. Sorrry Cake, I know I just posted a piece of cake on this weeks WIAW but brownies are just too yummy to get rid of and then there is pumpkin pie.. so the cake has gotta go!

3. Curly Fries, Crinkle Cut Fries, or Steak Fries? Steak Fries for sure, I never was a fan of the thick cut fries, I love shoestring fries the most!

4. Pizza, Pizza Rolls, or Bagel Bites? Uhhh Pizza rolls, even though I have never eaten those- I think that is the sign that they could easily go because they were never in rotation. Anyone else make homemade bagel pizzas as a kid? I did! and ate LOTS of bagel bites.

5. Chocolate Chip Cookies, Sugar Cookies, or Peanut Butter Cookies? I am thinking just plain ole sugar cookies could go. I like to make pb cookies and of course include chocolate chips too so those two gotta stay!

cinnamon banana pb cookies
cinnamon banana pb cookies

6. Bacon, Sausage, or Ham? All of them? hah I don’t eat any of these items, I don’t think I have ever eaten sausage either so if I did eat meat that would go.

7. Mozzarella Sticks, Onion Rings, or Potato Skins? I like good onion rings, like the big ones that aren’t compete fries breading but the other two I could go without. Probably potato skins first since that usually has cheese are bacon (both are no no’s for me) then the mozzarella sticks… what full fat cheese does to my stomach is not fun.

8. Lobster, Shrimp, or Crab? Now this is a tough one for me! All of these things are so so yummy. I guess I would go with Lobster just because I am from MD and the crab is too good to give up and lobster is too expensive to have frequently. (but I still love it)

9. Barbecue Ribs, Hot Wings, or Mini Burger Sliders? yeah all of the above… If I had to pick one maybe bbq ribs, the thought of eating those messy things with my hands grosses me out.

10. Burritos, Quesadillas, or Tacos? Quesadillas! I make those for Shane all the time but haven’t eaten one myself in years, mostly because of my cheese issues. I love good tacos though!

11. Buttermilk Biscuits, Cornbread, or Bread Rolls? Bread Rolls, I love good corn bread and biscuits!

best biscuit ever!! (Dante's Kitchen in New Orleans)
best biscuit ever!! (Dante’s Kitchen in New Orleans)

12. Beef, Chicken, or Pork? Again all of them! lol. Pork first though.

13. Coffee, Tea, or Energy Drinks? Easy- Energy drinks. I drink coffee and tea every single day and I love both of them, energy drinks… not so much.

tea and go raw cookies
tea and go raw cookies

14. Skittles, Reese’s Pieces, or M&Ms? Skittles. I am not a fruity candy person. I used to be but now that I have to limit fructose that kinda ex-nays the fruity processed candy.

15. Bagels, English Muffins, or Croissants? Hmmm I love a good croissant so bagels? I think english muffins have a better texture and we used to use them as burger buns, which is awesome! I highly recommend doing that.

16. Mac & Cheese, Lasagna, or Spaghetti & Meatballs? Well I don’t eat meatballs so that one is kinda thrown out by default. I don’t eat mac and cheese either so really I would throw both of those out easy!

17. Ice Cream, Milkshake, or Frozen Yogurt? Now this is the second toughest one, after seafood of course, I think I would give up milkshakes because I like to get multiple flavors and real fatty ice cream and milkshakes upset my stomach big time but again not sold on that :/ never would I ever give up froyo though!

I miss Yogurtland!
I miss Yogurtland!

That is the end of the survey! I hope you enjoyed it. That was pretty long so I am checking out on this post today.

What would be the hardest question for you to answer?? and what would you pick?!


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