WIAW #67

Hello, Hello. I cannot believe I have already done so many of these WIAW posts, but really they are my favorite! I love seeing what everyone else eats to get some new ideas! I hope you enjoy reading mine too! They are fun to type up and post (when you remember to take pictures). So here is what I ate last Saturday.


Pre yoga/gym: Coffee, dark chocolate espresso beans, cashews and almonds. (same as always)

Breakfast: Smoothie in a Bowl- blueberries, banana, kale, cashew milk, kefir, green powder, peanut butter protein powder topped with kashi cereal, more blueberries, granola, and coconut


Lunch: Ahi Tuna burger on a salad with sweet potato fries and onion rings

Ahi Tuna burger on a salad with sweet potato fries and onion rings

Snacks: Bom Chicka Bites


Dinner: Salad with a broken up veggie burger, hard boiled egg, avocado, salsa and while I was putting dinner together for myself and the kids I snacked on carrots and hummus.


Dessert: Dark Chocolate covered Almonds and frosted sugar cookie   kettle corn (yum!). Parents were out until after midnight so lots of snacking happened while I watched Bridesmaids and roamed the internet.


So that was my day of eating! Minus drinks but basically everything. Now since that is all I think you came for today I am going to check out for the afternoon! Have a great day!


7 thoughts on “WIAW #67

    1. Flavored popcorns (kettle corn) are a weakness for me! Must try all new flavors 🙂 Cashew milk is AWESOME, it quickly became my favorite, I love it in my coffee because it doesn’t add the weird taste some almond milks do and it is more creamy than other non-dairy milks I think. I highly recommend it!


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