Thinking Out Loud #30

Hi everyone. Well to Thursdays randomness with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud! Such a fun day to just get things out there! So lets get to it.


1. Today I get to take the girls shoe shopping for new running shoes! Woooo. Pretty excited about that since that is something I actually know a bit about. I love getting new running shoes but hate how expensive they are. Whomp Whomp. Always a down side right?

2. My mom and I are going to yoga together tomorrow since Shane will be away for a race and I will actually get off work in time to make it ( I hope). I have been working later than usual this week since they all had busy schedules and needed a little extra help. That is what I am there for just means I adjust my schedule a bit but otherwise not a big deal. Excited for another yoga class tomorrow night though! The kids and I did some yoga videos this week too they wanted to try it out after hearing that I do it.

3. I totally am missing running right now. The weather has been around 60 for the last week or so, off and on, when it isn’t raining, and it just makes me wanna lace up my shoes and go outside for a run. (a long one at that) It is tough because I know it’ll do me more harm than good but it is so frustrating at this point. The chiropractor I get my foot worked on by is going to switch up what he is doing next week because the progress has sorta stalled, so I am hoping for the best. This is an injury I am not really used to dealing with, regular time off doesn’t help. Note- the short runs I do 1-3 time a week don’t make it any worse and the dr has no problem with me doing those.

4. Talking about running… I have a 5k a week from Saturday- the Bronx Zoo 5k in NYC. I am definitely NOT racing it but am just going to take is easy and make it through (maybe do some yoga later that day too!). Then we have plans to go wander the Zoo and pick up ingredients at some market or something for dinner.


5. ALSO running related, Penn Relays are next week, which I am volunteering at! My tickets came in the mail earlier this week as well as parking instructions and what not. Hopefully it is a good experience. I should see a few friends there too so I am excited about that!

6. In exactly a month I will be down in New Orleans at graduation. CRAZY. We have all our dinner plans booked and I cannot wait to hit up all my favorite places for the last time that I know of for awhile. All in all I think I had a good experience and am glad to be going back to celebrate all the accomplishments with my friends. I had a lot of highs and lows but who doesn’t?

7. The guy my mom has been seeing decided to buy 3 paddle boards about two weeks ago… yeah THREE! Well mine is already at his house in his shed so now there are 4 back there… the good news is now Shane and I can go out all the time this summer! Wooo. I am trying to convince he and my mom to go out on Saturday since it is supposed to be sunny and 68.

8. We are also talking about renting a house with our good friends from NY in South Carolina at the end of the summer. I wish that were sooner though! I need a good vacation! Either way I am looking forward to it! (My paddle board is coming along too).

9. Summer also means ice cream and froyo and cold treats! I stopped at Giant on the way home from work last night just to get these! (I checked on their website to make sure they had the coffee chocolate chip flavor the night before) They aren’t that bad for you either, at least better than a lot of other options. I wouldn’t go as far as the Today show did and say they are a great post workout snack… yes they said that, I promise.


10.  Also Ice Cream related- The family I babysat for on Saturday had two pints of this Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream and I wanted to eat all of it, lol. I didn’t because it would have upset my stomach in less than 10 seconds but I spooned out a big ole chunk of cookie dough. I heard about this flavor on the radio when it came out but had not seen it in stores.


11. This weekend my mom and I are going to The Emporiyum in Baltimore! Lots of food and hopefully fun! I am excited to check and it and try out some new restaurants and foods. We bought tickets a few weeks ago as something fun for us to do. Wooo. (11 is my favorite number so I am ending on this one!)

Super random but it works especially for Thursdays when you are done with the week but not quite to the end yet, right? So have a great day! I have lots to do today.

Has anyone run at Penn relays before?? I always wanted too but of course my team didn’t put it on the schedule until this year!

Also have you tried any of those ice creams? Or favorite flavor of ice cream??


4 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #30

  1. I feel like since I’m in NYC, I should have a container of Jimmy Fallon’s ice cream in my fridge but I haven’t even seen it yet.
    I like chocolate- moose tracks – butter pecan ice cream.


  2. Aaaand now I’m craving ice cream at 8 AM 😛 I actually have a super hard time finding store-bought ice creams I can eat since most of them have “traces of peanuts” and I’m allergic, soooooo I’m boring and usually stick to vanilla as a flavour. But hey! It makes an awesome base for whatever I want to toss in it 😀


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