Weekly Workouts 4/11-4/18

Gosh it is already mid- April! CRAZY! I guess time flies when you are having fun, right?

What fun am I talking about? Well Life! Life and yoga, that is. I really am loving it all right now. I just wish I could run more too than things would be even more awesome! I recently read a great article on Yoga for Detoxification, by Lori Batcheller, that I really enjoyed. HERE.

I do not think I am alone in thinking that I leave yoga feeling awesome from head to toe and there is a reason for that. Certain poses help with detoxification. There are even classes aimed at this, I have seen them featured at certain yoga studios I have gone too. A lot of times those classes focus on twisting poses to ring out toxins and stress from your body. I leave those classes feeling so refreshed. Well now I can do this at home more often with this guide.

First I have been choosing 1-2 a day to do either right when I wake up or before I go to bed at night, usually takes between 5-10 minutes – so easy to fit in! I have a few digestive issues from my UC and it seems to be helping me feel just a bit more comfortable. The guide is great and easy to use and understand.  I love the yoga poses used, especially cobra, and never really thought about repeating them for extra benefits before but now I will continue to do this for mental and physical health. I love that they acknowledge that we cannot avoid ALL toxins in daily life and in many ways trying to avoid them all would lead to negative stress and thoughts too but we can do simple things like yoga to help the body recover from everything we encounter day to day. I think we owe it to ourselves to do healthful practices like this from time to time.

Now that I told y’all about that lets take a look at the workouts I did last week in addition to these detoxification exercises last week. wwS: 15 min run
M: Buti yoga + 65 min elliptical + core
Tu: Bodypump + 45 min arc trainer
W: 30 min run + core + 15 min bike
Th: 65 elliptical + weights + 15 min yoga video
F: Yoga + 20 min run (with one he kids I nanny)
S: Yoga + Bodypump express – I missed BP on Thursday so I decided to go to this class since I love the express class!

In the last two weeks I have done a lot of yoga and it makes me think about why I ever stopped! I was the healthiest runner when I was doing yoga 3x a week and hopefully this helps with all the issues I have been having lately since they aren’t bone related right now for the most part. I have been trying to increase my bone strength by yoga (bw exercise) and weighted exercise and have noticed a huge increase in my strength. That also means weight gain but as we all know muscle is denser aka heavier than fat by volume. So I have no problem with that! I only know my weight when I go to the doctor’s but that happens every couple months so I am pretty aware of it but not concerned.

Ending Thoughts- do more yoga, any type! For me that means detox poses morning/night and classes a few times a week.

Linking up with Jill, Katie, and Jesica today.


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