Great Spring Weekend Recap (MIMM)

Hey there! How was your weekend? We had a great one! I did some fun stuff and spent a lot of time outside soaking up the sunshine. It was close to 80 on Saturday! Since I had a busy, busy, busy weekend today I just want to highlight the super awesome things we did this weekend instead of everything. MiMM -Two power yoga classes: on Friday night and Sunday afternoon. Love the classes and how great I feel afterwards. I think I won the award for sweatiest person in class on Friday night, it was pretty bad. I have done 6/10 of my classes so far.

Emporiyum in Baltimore! This food event was so fun, it was in an old bakery factory so just open space with rows of vendors. There was a TON of samples and then you were able to purchase what you tried if you wanted too. We bought- Soom chocolate tahini spread, a salted caramel donut from District Doughnut, Caramel Apple Popcorn from Popcorn Queens, Dark chocolate Toffee from Tricia’s Almond Toffee, and some marshmallow treats from Sweet Lydia’s. Great haul don’t ya think?

some cinnamon roll
some cinnamon roll
salted caramel donut
salted caramel donut

Paddle boarding! First time using my board since I got it. The water was freezing but luckily none of us fell in. My mom, her bf, and I all went out on boards on Saturday afternoon, it was such a nice day.

Lilly Pulitzer for Target: yes my mom and I were there waiting for it to open, we wanted to get the best selection and she has gone to past lines at Target and there are crowds! My sister was just going to stay up and wait for the stuff to go online but we had no idea the exact time and neither of us like staying up until the wee hours of the morning so instead we hit our local store. Apparently that was a best decision because the website crashed anyways. We were lucky to come out with a few cute items, not everything we wanted ( I really wanted a floor pillow but apparently should’ve hustled through the clothes faster instead of stopping to chat) but still better than most people! (BuzzFeed)

Tea time: Both my mom and I drink tea on Sunday night’s, I drink tea almost every night but I like our Sunday tea while relaxing and watching a movie or tv.

I also got to spend some of Sunday with Shane but we didn’t do anything too exciting since it was colder and windy and he had to run later that afternoon. But, on that note I am going to enjoy my cup of tea and finish up this post for tonight. We are watching The Book Thief and it is really good! Hope you are having a great day and had a great weekend too!

Anyone else score some Lilly for Target?


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