What I Ate Wednesday #68

Hey there good people. How are you today? I am doing pretty well, in a rush to get packed making sure I don’t forget anything and most likely over packing.

Well I am driving so it is okay to over pack, right? 🙂 Too bad driving isn’t great for the environment, since it is EARTH DAY and all, but we live in a society where we cannot avoid that evil. I do try to walk or bike whenever I can; that was a lot easier in New Orleans though! I biked daily and only used my car once a week or so.

Today I am recapping my eats from Sunday. Hope you enjoy!


Pre Breakfast: LOTS of coffee- I had a cup on my way to Target to wait with my mom and then her BF brought venti Starbucks for us before we got in. Plus some dark chocolate espresso beans and almonds.

Breakfast: Smoothie the size of my head (the bowl is huge)- kale, blueberries, strawberries, pb2, cashew milk, extra berries, and granola/coconut


Lunch: Sauteed Kale, eggs, onion, shrimp and salsa


Snacks: My salted caramel donut I bought Saturday and a couple handfuls of the Boom Chicka Bites and some cashews

salted caramel donut


Dinner: plate of ‘beef’ (not really beef) crumbles, hummus, guacamole, carrots, cucumbers plus purple sweet potato with coconut and cashew butter and granola



Dessert: a coffee chocolate chip frozen greek yogurt bar

IMG_4332Basically that was my day! The greek yogurt bars are so good! I had the largest purple sweet potato like 10 inches long so I had some of it in tupperware and just added the toppings and ate it out of that. Life, right?  Now I am off to pack snacks to take with me to Penn Relays and probably eat some of them in the process 🙂

Have a great day! Be Green!

Let me know if you have tried any of the Yasso bars and your thoughts?


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