Weekly Workouts 4/18-4/25

Hey there! Sorry, I was gone the last two days, I was busy, busy, busy at Penn Relays and driving etc. I am here today to check in with y’all a bit late.

Today was our 5k race at the Bronx Zoo and it went really well. It was only about a 20 min drive and parking was super easy. We got in, got our bibs, used the bathrooms, and headed to the start line. It was a COLD morning so I did a 10 min jog and some stretching at the front of the pack. I had some of the same pre-race nerves I used to get, it has been about a year since I last ran a race! All in all the race ran pretty smoothly, the only thing we found frustrating was at 8 when the race was supposed to start they started the announcements and recognitions of large fundraisers, etc and because it was soooo cold we just wanted to start the run (they had plenty of time to do this leading up to the race start). We were off about 10 after.

I went out pretty had, due to habit, and ran a solid race. I was the second female runner to finish with a time at 18:08 but the course was short so the time is off for a real 5k. I thought about picking it up at the end to catch the girl only a few seconds ahead of me but really just didn’t care, I didn’t want to hurt my foot by sprinting at the end and was fine with second place. I talked to her after the race and then went to cool down with her and a guy that runs in her local track group. It is so easy to make new friends at races!


After the race we collected our fundraising prizes, grabbed breakfast and then went around to see all the animals! Such a fun morning but it would have been nice if it were a bit warmer. I didn’t have gloves and my hands were frozen the entire time.

S: power yoga
M: elliptical + core
Tu: elliptical + weights
W: power yoga + 40 min run + core
Th:  elliptical + KB moves -squats, swings, and pushups 100 of each
F: off/rest – early morning to volunteer and a LONG drive to New York
S: 5k race + 10 min warm up + 27 min cool down (niceee and slow) then lots of walking around the zoo!

It was a good week! It may look a little boring but I think it had a lot of good variety.  I had some foot soreness/pain after the race but it isn’t as bad as I expected. A good sign!

I hope you had a great weekend too! Run any races?

Linking up with Jill and Katie.


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